Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Day

I sort of slept in this morning; Amy had a call to go to an embalming job and it was late when I went to bed; I think she stayed up a while and watched TV. I really intended to come home early today, but the weather was so wonderful! I'd read that the Monet/Matisse exhibit would be at Dixon Gallary and Gardens until April 4, so Amy and I decided to go.

First - here are "we 4" at Colby's yesterday. We look about the same as the last picture, but it's always fun to be together and commemorate the little parties with pictures. The girls brought thoughtful little gifts and cards for my retirement. Thanks, Jean, Carol and Charlene! And Randy for doing a good job taking the picture - we all have our eyes open! Charlene's picture was in this week's Progress with three other area ladies who are on Cross County Farm Bureau Women's committee, attending the Arkansas FB Women's Conference in Little Rock last week. I don't say enough about these sweet friends - Charlene is active in our church and mentors young ladies, sings in our choir and knits (or crochets) baby blankets. Jean is one of our hospital's auxiliary members, active in her church, loves keeping her sweet granddaughter Julia, and is indeed a "mature shopper!" Carol oversees the hospital's program for assisting people getting prescriptions if they have no other coverage, is active in her church, is a great cook for her family get-togethers, and the only one of us not yet retired! Many more talents among them, plus just being sweet, supportive friends. These girls plus Teri and I were all the TB's - Traveling Buddies. Charlene wasn't along on the very first trips we used to make, but would join us when she could and her schedule allowed. Jean retired, then Charlene, then me. We're waiting for Carol to join that elite status!

Along Park Avenue, Memphis, across from the Dixon Gallery.

At the entrance of Dixon. The Tulip show is through mid-April and hopefully the tulips will bloom on out. There weren't many that we saw today, but we didn't walk the whole grounds.

Some of the jonquils near the entrance.

At the right is the original home of the Dixons and the left part of the building is gallery rooms which were added, according to one of the guide/guards.

No pictures were allowed in the galleries, only in the foyer. The little gentleman behind Amy was very observant and we saw him ask one young man to kindly not take pictures.

This was in the foyer behind the reception desk and I cropped it out of a larger scene. It's The Lacemakers of Ghent at Prayer by Max Silbert.

Amy loves to paint; I love to piddle with it. She's very good - from a long line of artists in the family. She was just amazed and awed by the skill of the people. We think much alike: who painted the very first picture? How did they learn to mix the colors or even know the natural elements would make paint? I borrowed a huge book of hers she had for an art class in college. I hope she'll get more involved in this - Dixon conducts workshops a couple of times a year for all ages. There was a wing of the building displaying the work of children and adults, from two years old up! One section of first and second graders had painted their interpretations of Georgia O'Keeffe's flowers. Amazing!

Floral arrangement being carted to the main entrance. The basket is shaped like a swan. Perspectives:

On our way home, we passed a city park and this man was enjoying the sun. His cap had even fallen off so relaxed was he! Not sure what the big piece of plastic was for... maybe for spring showers, maybe a "blanket."

We ate late lunch at Memphis City Pizza and went home to get my things in the truck to come on home. I didn't eat much and I didn't eat supper, but had a piece of turtle cheesecake from Colby's as Paul ate chicken alfredo. I did share with him it was so big and rich!

Was good to get home; Oscar was glad to see me, too. He acted like he felt so much better and is now curled up on his pillow in his kennel fast asleep. He will sleep in the living room rocker until we turn off the TV and lights; then he knows we're getting ready for bed and goes to his.

I'm feeling better about the stress test; not looking forward to it any more than I was, but accepting of it. Anyway, it's almost two weeks away and there are things to do and see between now and then! I know it will be uncomfortable for a few minutes, but I've had some of that before, too. I'm just thankful that, at least presently, I'm able to choose which doctor I want to see; and thankful for medical technology. Wonder if HeLa cells were used in any way in developing the drug-induced stress test? I wouldn't be surprised. Amy said she saw Ms. Skloot being interviewed on a TV show in the last couple of days.
Sister is going to her daughter Melanie's for her birthday this weekend. April 1 baby. I remember when Dalon, Sher's husband, called March 30 or 31 or such, the year she was born (1973) and said Sher had had her! But she hadn't! He was early April Fool-ing! Then when she did actually deliver on April 1, I didn't believe him! There are 8 months and 3 days between Melanie and Amy. How can "our girls" be 37 this year??

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