Monday, March 29, 2010

About Gulls, Girls, Cassowaries and Monitors

The weekend was quiet, with church, Sunday School, a bit of rain and cold weather, reading and napping. This week has started out to be beautiful and I hope the weather holds through Easter, which is most often wet and cold. But either way, I'm thankful for what Easter means - the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Oscar is so much better. His Metacam (arthritis med for dogs) is working great and he's like himself once again. After another couple of days, we can dose him every other day and see how that goes. Possibly every three days, but that seems like a long time and I don't want him to have two good days-one bad day cycle.

The ECG monitor arrived this morning just as I was going out to run some errands, so I brought it in, called the 800 number and got it hooked up and ready to record. It records up to 4 events at a time. I push a button when each "event" happens, and record in a diary what I was doing/where, etc. After four, I have to call the number and download the taped events. Four is not many. I have not even recorded every "event" today. I'll have to call and see if I actually have to or just the ones that are most bothersome. I have "skips" all the time, so if I push the button, I'd stay on the phone way more than I want to! But, if so... The two major ones today were when I was walking... This is gonna be a fun 30 days...

I went to a library event tonight - Sy Montgomery has a new book - Birdology - and she spoke to a nice sized audience about her research about birds. She began with the cassowary - the largest bird and the most dangerous, and - it's a dinosaur! The comb-like thing on the head is like a bone and she said some think it is for resonating their Jurassic Park noise they make. (Remember how eerie those dinosaur calls were in the forest, and how the water vibrated in small ripples?) And the smallest - the hummingbird - tiny and mean. They fight each other over their feeding territory. They are practically all hollow: their bones are hollow and their lungs have extension throughout their tiny bodies. If we could eat as much as they do based on weight, we would consume many thousands of calories a day. Our temperature would also rise to around 700 degrees and we would combust.

Speaking of birds - one of a couple of gulls perched on a pier piling. Sher went to daughter Melanie's for her birthday and they had a girls' day out near the water. Mel made this picture "for Pat."

And the girls...

Just as I was getting into "24" I learn this is the last season! Next week is a two-hour episode. I don't know if it's the final one or not, but man, does that hour go by fast! And "House"... so many are repeats... How many shows are in a season now, or are they even seasons like they used to be on the "three major networks?" Used to be the reruns were in the summer, and all year you got to see new shows, except for major holidays. I enjoy the PBS Masterpiece Theater - last night was "Sharpe's Challenge." There will be more of these about Richard Sharpe, played by Sean Bean (in Lord of the Rings, of which I have only seen the first one).


Have a stack of books to choose from: Charlene left me one of hers - Her Mother's Hope; and I picked up a couple at the library and started Saving Cee Cee Cunningham (Beth Hoffman). And there are Jeffery Deaver's books waiting, too. I used to say "so many books, so little time." It's the same. Even retired, it's the same!

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