Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rites of Spring

The spring weather is just about perfect today - temperature just right, no humidity, bright sun! After the weekend's cold front and rain, the sun looks even better.

The forsythia bushes (more like trees now) are in full bloom, the daylilies are coming up, and the robins are preparing for nests. The forsythia began as a little twig from Teri's in her yard years ago. Daylilies courtesy of Byron P.

I have a lot of Teri's crystal - glasses and serving pieces. Tara told me to get them and I told her if she ever wanted them for Emmy she could have them. I decided I finally need to pack them away to make room in the pantry closet for small appliances. Everything ended up on top of the old chest freezer and I had to unload it every time I wanted something out of it. I'll ask her again if she wants them. Meantime, they'll be packed safely away in sturdy plastic boxes. Some still have tiny slips of paper in them labeling what they are - relish dish, sugar/creamer.

I learned this morning that my former coworker Sharon Wingo retired March 17. The girls will have a get-together in her honor first part of April. The crowd is steadily slimming down. I don't know who is working at the front desk/switchboard.
Someone came early this morning to give us an estimate on roof replacement. This time the old roof has to come off. He'll do it later this spring/summer since warmer weather makes the shingles easier to handle. Paul asked if I wanted a tin roof. I declined. I think they're very pretty; Mike and Marsha have one, but their house is not sitting between two other houses in the middle of town; it's a good way from town and not near other homes. I do love the sound of rain on a tin roof, but I can hear that if I go out to Paul's garage, which is cedar-sided and has a recycled tin roof that came from Iuka! I think we'll have architect's shingles this time.

Pineapple top I planted to see if it would "make."

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