Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morgan's Shower

We just got back from Iuka an hour or so ago. My niece's bridal shower was this afternoon at her church and Amy and I went while Paul visited with Mama Nick. The fellowship hall is so pretty with murals of Bible scenes painted by a local person. Morgan's fiance was there (Steven), and so was Mike. Of course, brides always need help putting their gifts in the car afterward! I was glad to see both of them.

Morgan is so pretty, as always, and sweet. When she was little she reminded me so much of Sher when she was that age, with long golden hair. And at the age of about nine, she favored her Granma (Mama) at that age. She looks so much like Ann Margaret.
Mike asked me if I'd make pictures at their wedding! What pressure! I'm not that sure of myself, especially with this camera. I was glad the ones I made today turned out as well as they did, but they would not be professional by any means. The lady (I think Marsha's cousin) they'd asked to do this told them just today she might have to work. I certainly don't mind doing it; I just don't want them to be disappointed. Maybe Debbie can ask off work! And I'll try to read/learn more about shutter speed. It was nice of him to ask, and I'd do anything for them, but wedding pictures! Of course I'll share the ones I make anyway...

After the shower we stopped by to see Aunt Ginny and stayed about an hour, got caught up on some of the family. By this time it was about 4:30, so we headed back home. All but the driver (Paul) napped. So glad we went and could share this special time with them.

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Kaye Butler said...

you can do it! you've got a good editing program right? research wedding photographers and learn the positions they can do it!!!!!!!!!!