Tuesday, March 30, 2010

iTunes and Ironing

I may have said - I didn't know I had iTunes on my computer. It is so much easier to import songs to iTunes than to Windows Media Player. WMP is a two-step process, and iTunes just does it in one click! And it's faster. I've copied a lot to my computer and may - may - look into an iPod sometime. I do have that gift card...

Today was ironing day - it wasn't hard but it was time consuming and I did it in two shifts - this morning and this afternoon. All the time I was doing that, I was copying CDs. Good to hear some of the good old songs I haven't listened to in a while, like Asleep at the Wheel and Grover Washington, Jr. Pants is what I ironed - mostly Paul's. Since I'm home now I can do this most dreaded chore at a more leisurely pace and it doesn't seem to loom over me. So now his khakis are all nicely lined up in the closet waiting for the next go round.

After lunch I watched "The 39 Steps" - a Masterpiece Theater I'd recorded earlier. No commercials and I love the British accents. This one had a surprising twist at the end. I think I had read this some time ago, but I didn't remember much about it, especially the ending. But this was adapted from the book by John Buchan.

The parts for Paul's mower came today and he put them on, but there's something wrong with the transmission, too.

Mama's hostas have abundantly multiplied and are getting a really good headway. Now would be a good time to divide them and maybe by this weekend I can get Paul to chop a couple into and send a clump to Sher. These are from the batch she had of Mama's when she moved from Columbus; so I need to return some to her now that she's settled. The azaleas do have buds, but are late this year. Daylilies are behind the hostas in second picture.

We received Morgan and Steven's wedding invitation today - so pretty. His name is Steven Audrey Ashe. Morgan's middle name is Deane, for her grandfather, Marsha's dad, who died when Marsha was very small. Morgan and Marsha's gallbladder surgeries are tomorrow morning in Sheffield, AL. I asked Marsha to have Mike call me when he could. She said they both had been in a lot of pain.

I had four episodes on my monitor and called/downloaded this afternoon. Three were from last night from about 12:30 to 2:30 - racing heart woke me up - I was dreaming something about horses. Amy told me a dream she had last night and a song she heard in the dream - something by Charlie Daniels. And this morning as she got in her car and turned the radio on - they just started that song! Strange.

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