Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday afternoon Amy and I took a short trip in this beautiful weather to Midtown. This part of the city stirs memories of my childhood here, seeing all the familiar street names: Cleveland, Claybrook (where I lived with Goobie and Papa) and Trimble. We saw the new Playhouse on the Square where Pippin is running now, soon to be over. We went to a little shop called Maggie's Pharm with a back stair entrance. There were handmade soaps, jewelry, cards, and the herbal pharmacy where we heard a lady giving her order to the clerk or owner. This made me think of Goobie, too, who, along with her sisters Clara and Arie, were big believers in the natural herbal remedies.

Since we were so near, we went to Memphis Art Center Supply Store. Here we were both like kids in a candy store and looked at just about everything. We ended up with a big pad of paper suitable for pens, some pens (like either of us actually need any), a couple of small books, and two sheets of paper, one with leaves and petals embedded, and the other with confetti/print embedded. I'm so artistic I don't even know what this is called. Handmade?
On the way home we stopped at Taco Bell and that was our supper. After walking Oscar, we went to Target to get some double A batteries; Amy had two left and I needed four, so we got a big pack. (She has decorative clocks all over the house, some run and some don't. I've learned which ones to look at for the time if I don't have my watch on.)

I went to bed early last night - felt pretty fatigued yesterday. Heart skipping around. As soon as I took my PM atenolol, it settled down to a steady rythm. I slept better last night than Thursday, when I had a short episode of fast rate. It wasn't nearly as bad as two weeks ago. Still. I guess I'd overdone it watching Olympics till 11:00 Thursday night.

One night this week Paul ate at Kelley's and saw Beck and her dad Mr. Buck. He's in rehab at McCrory, and wanted to go out for something to eat, so she took him to Wynne. Email from Norma late yesterday said he said he wasn't going back to rehab. He's 91. I know Beck will do whatever she can to be sure he's where he can be stronger. Also Norma said Ruth Hafer had broken her leg just above the ankle; slipped at her vehicle, getting ice off her windshield. Ruth retired several years ago. So sorry to hear that; I sure know what she's going through. I've heard about more broken legs in the last year...
Sher finally got to box of Seeduction rolls I mailed her last Friday, Priority Mail. I had put the wrong ZIP on it. So glad they re-routed it. She said she put them in the freezer to take out as needed. They don't have preservatives. Jordan likes them, too.
Another pretty day today. I slept a little longer, got up and took Oscar out for his business. Had my decaf. Amy's still asleep. She's had two calls since I've been here, so we've spent a lot of time together, which has been great. Still hoping to hear soon that she can be full-time. Management sure can be slow at times... l0l

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