Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Yesterday Amy and I went to Oak Court in search of "the" pair of jeans. I'd given her a gift card to New York and Company. We were disappointed there; we agreed that Jonesboro had more tall sizes, where she had better shopping results before. I looked at purses at Dillard's and saw two possibilities. One Fossil was $20.40 and a Cole Haan was $59, but it was red and I already have a red purse. Just letting that simmer for a bit. Not often I come across good brands like that at sale prices. The CH had been marked down once to a sale price of something like $199, so $59 was practically giving it away.
Tiny "big kid" outfits at Baby Gap. So cute!

When we arrived at the mall we tried to get our picture made in the little photo booth but it wouldn't take a $5. After we shared a piece of stromboli I had some one's so we tried again upon leaving. This is the good picture of the three! It was fun, though. I didn't expect an instant replay showing outside the booth for everyone to see (who cared at all to look that way) - Amy and I getting settled, getting ready to smile for the camera.

Our last stop was Davis-Kidd Bookstore. Need I say more? But Amy was surprised that I was ready to leave so soon. I bought three books. Did I say I checked at the Memphis Library about a card? There's a non-resident/guest/three-state area $10 deposit on each item checked out. There is a $50 charge for resident/guest.
Last night as we were watching a movie on TV, Amy had some chocolate chip cookies and Oscar is just a little beggar. We do not give him chocolate - it isn't good for dogs. But somehow he managed to snatch one from off Amy's lap and scarfed it down before we hardly knew what he was doing. No ill effects; probably not enough chocolate chips in it to matter. That's the first time he's done that, though. I know we give him too many treats, but we try to make them "healthy" at least.

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