Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Outing

Around 10:30 I took Oscar to Eastgate Animal Clinic for some minor treatment - just something he has to have done a couple of times a year, and his nails clipped. The vet who attended him said he snapped at the assistant and upset her. I was so sorry! But I'd told them when I called that he's snappy. When I took him back to a room, I quickly handed his leash over, explaining that he does much better when I'm not there. And it's a vet clinic. And they made one of his nails bleed, cutting it too close, which is why I don't do it... So... He didn't draw blood on the assistant, either...
(These little "tildies" work great as a seperater when, after inserting pictures, the paragraphs don't separate. I guess there's a way to fix this, but I haven't found it.)
I called Paul to ask him to take care of faxing some information to my medical insurance company, that I'd already faxed back in November. I thought they had this, but they couldn't find it. Wheels of medical anything turn slowly...

Amy and I went to a couple of thrift stores today and she found a couple of tops; I found a lightweight jacket/windbreaker. This was bought in hopes of warmer weather soon! I don't know when there's been a colder February. I'm so tired of wearing a coat; and did I hear rumors of snow on Wednesday??I'd been wanting to see the Central Library (Benjamin L. Hooks Library) and we stopped there. Amy got a replacement card and we went up to the second floor to the fiction section. I'd wanted to try a couple of Jeffery Deaver books; Bren's been reading them. So she checked out three for me and they have a 3-week lending period, on fiction at least. It's a beautiful four-story building and I could spend all day there just looking at book stacks. What I'd really like to do sometime is have someone help me find old pictures of Claybrook, Bruce School and that part of downtown and midtown in the mid to late fifties. (I remember the old electric trolleys.)

Granite "scrolls" unfurling worlds of knowledge...

Looking toward the upper floors. I don't know what these are but they're interesting.

Just two of the stacks.

Information desk on second floor.

I think this leads into the children's area.

All book returns, check-outs and library card issues are done from a central desk on the lower level. There is a "gently used" book sale Tuesday through Friday and some hours on Saturday.
It drizzled rain a bit and I walked Oscar before it got bad, then bathed him of all the doggie odors. We get so tickled at his antics - after a bath how he roots around trying to get away from the hair dryer.

We ate at Blue Plate Cafe - we split our usual - country fried steak and veggies. Now I think I'll look into one of those Deaver books...

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