Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Library Fun

A beautiful day out and since the used bookstore was closed Monday, we went back! I guess we spent a couple of hours and sated our appetite for books, also money and room, but those have been depleted anyway...

Amy's drawn to the children's books for the illustrations and found a Bobbsey Twins book! The original old green covered edition. A dollar. I have several at home, but don't think I have this one. I've paid more for them, too. We also found some Five Little Peppers books, ones I enjoyed reading when I was a kid. They were just magical to me. There is rarely a time now when I read even a really good book that the magic of the very first discovery of a plot, a character or even a word captures me like when I began reading. I found a book called Riding High, a sketchbook of Barbara Sneyd, a young girl growing up in the British countryside at the turn of the century (1896-1903). Her sketches, watercolors and notes are wonderful. Reminds me of another similar book I have of a sketchbook of a fisherman.

We ate at Jason's Deli which was excellent. Amy and I split a chicken salad sandwich and she had a side salad, I had a fruit cup (with fresh pineapple - makes one not ever want canned again), and a piece of turtle cheesecake. I had a couple of bites of that and Amy ate the rest, not that I didn't like it! She was really into it! I had a small cone of the free soft serve. We were there mid-afternoon, so there wasn't a big crowd.

We napped long and when I woke up with my book on my chest, it was getting dusky. I hurried and walked Oscar, who was ready to do business and get back inside. Hopefully, warmer days ahead soon!

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