Wednesday, May 06, 2009


It's already Wednesday!! Is it only Wednesday??

We learned that a former co-worker who had gone to work at another co-op, and has been battling lung cancer, is very, very ill again. Keith had been in the hospital in Little Rock for three weeks when I heard he had taken a turn for the worse. Paul had heard from a family member that he was not doing well, and this was confirmed this week. Keith is now home. When Keith worked here he was a tall, robust, mischievous guy and He loved the Lord. The illness has deepened his faith in God and his witness has been lovely to see. Please remember Lori and their two children, Kade and Tori.

Our former CEO "Mr. C." (Mr. Carpenter) is waiting word on his scheduled triple by-pass surgery. He had Barrett's esophagus surgery probably eight or so years ago when he was still at the co-op. Now he has the blockages and also a goiter the doctors want to remove during the same surgery. He and Miss Mildred will be 86 in June, born a week apart. They've been married over 60 years.

Norma's brother-in-law Tommy died suddenly Monday night. Norma's sister Judy, Tommy's wife, died in September. Tommy was having chemo treatments and they're sure it was a blood clot. He was in Oxford, MS, hospital and Norma left work yesterday to be with the family.

It has rained again and while everything is lush and green, I know the farmers need some dry ground to get their crops in. We did see some rice coming up earlier in the week. The Mississippi River is way up and water is standing on the low ground behind the levees. Nowhere near the tops, but glad the levees are there!

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