Monday, March 09, 2009

On Fear...

In response to my brother's remark about my not being afraid of anything... I suppose I wrote in haste that I was not afraid of anything, but new things make me nervous...! Well. God has a way of taking rash statements and making me think about them. (My sister and my friend Bren tell me I think too much...) Anyway. Yes, I do have fears. In quiet moments this past weekend, just before sleep, just before napping, while pottering around moving CDs from one place to another (not money, but the music kind!), I thought of all sorts of fears I have had in different life situations.


Yesterday both of Bro. Matt's sermons reminded me that Jesus said, "Fear not, for I am with you."

I can see in hindsight that God has given me to strength to go through those situations, even when I was sick with trepidation and fear. If I have appeared to be fearless to my youngest brother, then it was because God was walking me through it, carrying me through it. It was not me, but Him.

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