Saturday, March 07, 2009


Sher sent me this little fellow. He's a Fern Animal ( made by Ashley Anna Brown. Sher knows I love cats. I think Sher and Amy both had seen this site and talked about it when sister was in Memphis back in early winter. Thank you, Seester!

While I was at Walmart, Polly Fisher brought by a loaf of fresh homemade bread. She's so thoughtful and dedicated! She's been making bread for years and it's always melt-in-your-mouth delicious. It won't last a day. There was also a small bottle of lotion which I can definitely use - always needing that size in my vehicle or carry-around bag. Thanks, Polly!

I got Corky's BBQ at Walmart and we had that for supper. Walked Oscar - nice to be outside. Very windy though. Studied my SS lesson. I finished folding clothes and putting away what Tina had done earlier in the week. Catch-up day. I moved the rocking chair in the den, took down some small framed pictures and stored them, took magazines out of Mama's basket (and asked Paul to see if he could repair the handle), bought some CD storage containers to clean a few out of the Ruby Buffet. I'm thinking about just switching storage places with craft things to the buffet and CDs in the craft closet so I can have it as a work table. (Of course, covering the top of that beautiful old piece of furniture.) I'll see how that goes. Didn't even have a nap today. I was craving a cherry Dr. Pepper so I got one at Sonic but didn't drink the whole thing - too much caffeine - and sugar. But I don't think I'll have much trouble going to sleep - haven't really slowed down today.

Yikes! The striking clock just reminded me! It's Daylight Saving Weekend - Spring Forward - and lose an hour's sleep!

Good night, Gracie...

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