Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jean had left this on my back door Friday afternoon (last Friday) and I had already put it with my "keepsakes" before I thought - well, I didn't even mention it! The Peeps has a story going back a long way - at least to when we girls went to Gulf Shores in 2005. The Peeps went with us to lots of places - restaurants, shops - and so this little guy shows up in a store somewhere and Jean couldn't resist. Great memories! Thanks!


Some about the right eye - the pressure was up today - 24. Not great. Nothing to panic over right now, Dr. Billy said. Could be the steroid drops I'm still using; could be just the time of day. There's another drop he is going to ask about. Tomorrow is the day for the left eye surgery. It already had a dark spot in the vision field. And if I have to, I will just use the IOP drops like I did before. Naturally, it's a little disappointing to think maybe the ECP didn't work, but I knew there was a possibility. They've had good results, and this is not the I have the drops routine memorized, but still keep a chart on when I use what.

This afternoon, being home early for the appointment, I stopped by to vote and Oscar and I walked over to school and back. On the way back, the cutest little boxer puppy ran out into the street to greet Oscar and O didn't know what to think! Roscoe just wanted to play and O wanted to get behind my legs like a kid! Beautiful day today for a walk. Supposed to rain tomorrow.

Paul has gone to city council meeting tonight. O and I are home and it's quiet and I made french toast for my supper. Of course, he got a little tidbit of egg.

Becky's son Art and granddaughter Justine came by the office before I left (visiting from Arizona) and I got a few pictures of them. Justine's such a pretty girl, and got the cutest haircut since they've been here and that makes her look even more grown-up! Beck will be off till next Thursday I think.

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