Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another Birthday "Surprise"

Sister Sher called me at work yesterday and said, "Weeellllll..." And I knew it meant she got the job at Tyndall AFB. Wow! I'm happy for her - it'll be great for her in more ways than just her job and pay increase - she'll be near Melanie and Nate, only about two and a half hours away! The bad news is that she'll be so far from me! Only one other time in our adult lives have we lived this close to each other, when she was at Blytheville for two years. Now she'll be eleven to twelve hours away from me instead of four.

I cried, but I was happy for her. Then I thought, you know, God put her in Columbus for a "season," to be near Mama before she died, being only a couple of hours away from Iuka. Several times she would just "drop in" on her for the weekend, and she and I could meet there so easily. It was good to have her near us again, after being overseas for years and then in San Antonio. Then when Mama got so desperately ill, Sher was able to be there, and then again we were together caring for Mama in the hospital before she died. I'm thankful they had that time together once again, and that we all could be together.

So the preparation begins, and she knows all the work involved so well - listing her beautiful house in the woods with her realtor, getting lodging (hopefully pet-friendly quarters so she won't have to board Bailey and Minnie), paperwork, looking for another house in Panama City. And she'll have other family very nearby - our cousin JoAnn and Aunt Margaret live in PC. Aunt M is in assisted living center. We have JoAnn's cell number we'll call her - hopefully she'll be able to meet Sher and get her acquainted with the area. (Not that my sister ever needed that - she's a pioneer in that respect - if it's to be explored, she will...)

This morning brother Steve called and wished me happy birthday. I told him he and I could go spend some time with Sher soon when all is settled. (Of course, Paul can, but I doubt he would want to stay as long and I would... but that's fine, too. I think he's getting more mellow about watching the surf...) Anyway, my next few thoughts after Sher told me were - gosh, I'll have to drive that long way - I'll be worn out - wonder if I can stop and spend the night somewhere - I could fly, but I couldn't take Oscar. Steve said, "You've never been afraid of anything." Surprised me! Well, nervous about new things probably, but I guess he's right - never really afraid of anything, so I'm sure I could make the trip driving. We had already planned to go to Iuka first part of April, so that'll be good - it'll could be a while before we're all together again. Just hope Sher's new house has lots of bedrooms so we can all pile in on her!

Paul is washing my truck! And it hasn't fallen apart! I thought the dirt and grime was all that was holding it together! He does such a meticulous job - it'll be so clean and pretty again. Supposed to rain tomorrow, but it'll be clean for a day. Thanks, Honey!

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