Friday, March 13, 2009

The Goth Look

The cataract surgery went fine but this one was more uncomfortable than the first. It felt irritated all day yesterday wearing the patch and by the time I got up Thursday morning it looked like my eye was bleeding! Panic! I had to get the patch off, and the nurse at So. Eye had told me I could take it off if I felt like the tape was scratching. But Thursday morning after all the anesthetic had worn off, it felt like it was in shreds!

We went to Dr. Mitchell's a bit early and he looked and said - no, it isn't scratched, but just bruised. Like you bruise your arm - it was all just beneath the skin. (I guess it did bleed from one of the vessels just a bit.) But the IOP was high! 30! Not good. Use the xalatan drops at least till time to stop using the Omnipred (steroid drop). So, back to that - but I knew it was a possibility.

Today I can see much better - the pressure was back down to 13, which is great. Some powerful little drops, that xalatan! The bruising will clear in in a couple of weeks. Meantime I look like a little like Lurch on Addams Family. Vision still wobbly - both eyes not focusing together at same time, but better than yesterday. Not burning and watering like yesterday either. And I need to get off here very soon.

I turned in all my glasses - the regular trifocals I'd worn for about 8 years, the reading glasses I wore hardly any, and the old-old prescription glasses I'd had stained for sunglasses. I used some of Paul's $1 reading glasses a while ago for some small print and for close work, that helped. Hopefully, I won't have to have any. But - colors and clarity. Mrs. Margarite Burt called Paul about something the other day and he mentioned my cat surg. She said, "Yes, colors are so clear!" I guess that's one of the most noticeable improvements. Like having smoke blown away, or the windows of your house cleaned.

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