Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aunt Ginny
Yesterday Aunt Ginny evidently had a TIA and was able to call a neighbor for help. She spent the night in the hospital and was released this morning! All appears to back to completely normal and she sounded just as she always does when I called. Gave us quite a scare!
St. Patrick's Day
Today is brother Mike's birthday - I called him for his birthday and this was his first day back at work after his accident in December! Emailed Sher and she said they'd talked a long time last night; he was in Columbus today but didn't have time to stop for lunch.
My Advice
If you have cataract surgery, it would be good to be retired. That way you will have all the time you want to recover. I remember I was tired with the first one, when I went to work the following Monday, and no different this time. Dr. Stank said "two days" when I asked how long I'd be off. I knew two wasn't enough. I took three this time also and really a week would be better. With the bruising, it did hurt more, but that has subsided. If you have no set plans or schedules or anywhere to be, of course you don't have to worry about all that. Nevertheless, it's doing well. The black has faded to a pretty shade of raspberry and is getting lighter in color each day. My vision is very good; I have my cheap little reading glasses and the work fine for close work. I can read signs and so far I haven't run over anyone or run any red lights. I'm glad I had it done though and it's over, retired or not!

Tom's Reception

Monday was Tom Snider's reception at the Annex Building. I had the best help setting up the room. Everything was ready and just needed to be put in place. Jim Cook, Kevin Scott and James McMahan helped move chairs, tables, carry the floral arrangements and generally any and everything I needed lifted or carried. I can always depend on those guys. They're great! The caterers did a wonderful job - Dean Morrison and Mary Cummings. Debbie's Flowers did the centerpiece and table bud vases.

Tom and JoAnn arrived around 2:30 and Billy presented him a nice Seiko watch with the Touchstone logo on the face, engraved on the back. This was quite a step up for him, being used to $3 watches (like someone else I know). It's a beautiful watch and he was happy with it. The employees as a group pitched in and Jimmy ordered a 1920's era working "meter lamp," also with an engraved brass plate showing Tom's name and years of service (34).

I knew Tom and Jo love dancing and are so good at it, so I used that theme for the room. Oldies music played in the background and toward the end of the time, they danced a slow and a fast dance for those remaining. Matt Kelley videoed the event and got this on tape, too. (Carl Horton made a lot of nice pictures for them, also. Lots of great help.)

There was a great turn-out and we were happy they had such a good time. Francie and her family were there; Dallas and his were not able to come; Tom's mother was able to be there. Richard came, Mary Bob and Larry Brawner, Libby Washington, Bill and Charlene Nicholson, Bros. Matt, Mark and Bob from WBC, some other retirees - Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Junior Cooper. Too many to name. Their pictures will tell Tom and Jo the story.

The Engineering Department (and my great helpers Kevin, Tom, Jim, James).

"The Last Dance." I'm sure they'll find rugs to cut in Texarkana! With the granddaughters nearby, Tom's love of singing, and their dance dates, they'll be very busy!

They move to Texarkana, TX April 4. We wish them well and will miss them very much.

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