Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is there no limit to how crazy you allow yourself to become?

I guess not. This is a favorite quote of my sister's and me from "As Good As It Gets." Close enough.

Poor Jack. He had a name for his - OCD. Or what about Adrian Monk? What happens when OCD gets short-circuited? Hmmm?

Kaye, this is for you:

I forgot my billfold/driver's license/money/insurance cards/every important number and panicked when I couldn't find it in my purse at lunch. Bless Paul, he checked my coat pocket at home, that I'd worn yesterday and thank goodness it was there.

I forgot my cell phone. Didn't even miss it till 9:00. Amy and Sher may wonder what happened, but oh, well, they have my work number. You can live without a cell phone.

I forgot to zip my pants. I don't think it was long till I noticed and thank goodness I wasn't at a reception or meeting anyone.

I'm not sure I want to know what else I forgot today.

But at least - I knew I had a billfold. I knew I had a cell phone. And I knew it wasn't nice to go around with pants unzipped.

So, Jack and Mr. Monk, at least we know.

And Kaye, it only gets better.

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Kaye Butler said...

If you only knew how many times Tim has had to bring the cell phone, purse, computer, piano books, lunch money, school projects etc. LUNCH to me at the office. He's usually still home when we leave. He called one morning worried because I REMEMBERED everything for once.

He's had to unplug curling irons and straighteners.

That's the real reason why I married him...he's handy.