Wednesday, February 04, 2009


This morning the online breaking news from Democrat Gazette said a car had exploded in West Memphis. I read the brief story about Dr. Trent Pierce, who was critically injured, then TMd Amy. This evening I learned she was in Osceola working when this happened, but his home is only about a mile from RCFH. Her co-worker who is a fireman as well, said his truck responded and they were there until about 1:00 this afternoon. Dr. Pierce was taken to the Med. Last I heard, there were no suspects. Just a terrible thing to happen and scary - especially when Amy's so near. I can't imagine what that family is having to endure. Our prayers are with them. When Amy crossed the Bridge this evening, she said three vehicles with search lights were scanning every vehicle that came onto the ramp there at I55. May have been related to the explosion; may have been something else. Serious, though.

Mike called to check on me for my eye surgery; I'd forgotten to email him that it was postponed. The ratchet brace on his arm isn't coming off until at least Friday - the doctor said it wasn't quite ready yet. He sounded tired. "From what? I haven't done anything." "That's probably why," I told him. That thing has to be annoying to say the least. Like having handcuffs on in a way.

Another round of antibiotics yesterday from the clinic here. This sinus deal is hanging on this time. I don't think I had this last year... Anyway, Omnicef this time, stronger dose; Claritin-D; use saline irrigation; trying to stay warm and out of the wind/cold as much as possible; call the eye clinic to see if they think I don't need to come next week. Dr. SB said he thought it would be okay, but advised calling them. Maybe it's too much right now. I have huge fever blisters. The cough is much better, though, probably due to the Claritin.

The Crew ate lunch at Ameca today and it was the first time in a while all of us were together. Beck often has to be home at lunch because her dad is there. He's been living with them for a year now - that's hard to believe - already a year. Was good to all get together, but I think the Claritin had my appetite suppressed, or I ate too much dip and chips.

Sher was off early today and walked Bailey before it got much colder - while the sun still made things look warm at least.

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