Friday, February 06, 2009

It Is Friday At Last!

Very busy week and ready for some relaxation time. We're meeting Dick and Jean for supper; Joy called about a book I have (I think I do - or Sher does) to take on a trip with her - Edgar Sawtelle. If it's where I think it is, I'll just pass it on by Jean tonight.

I called Southern Eye this morning to let them know I'm still sinus-y. Lisa said if I didn't have fever, no problem. She and Judy are the ladies I've talked to about scheduling and insurance and they're so nice. Everyone there is and always has been, so this whole cataract thing should not be a bad experience. I found out that the procedure on the "pump" that Dr. Stank will do is called an ECP. I could never remember the acronym. It stands for endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation! I have no idea how it's done, except by laser. The cataract surgery will be as well.

Besides being off possibly 4 days this month, I just found out this afternoon I need to begin planning Tom's (Snider) retirement reception. But it will be sometime in March. All the work has to be done for it this month, though - caterer, mailing invitations/announcements. Need to find a guest book - the others I got were from eBay about three years ago.

Bren and Jim are painting the inside of their house, reflooring and have two bedrooms practically done. We talk about getting rid of old stuff. I'm in the mode now! I've discarded, shredded, recycled and it's getting easier. Still have a way to go. Can't wait to see her house - she'll love the lightness of the rooms: they're painting over paneling.

I plan to rest this weekend and try to get rid of this fever blister. This is the second set I've had in a month.

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