Sunday, February 01, 2009


Friday Paul and I met Becca, Neall, Sol, Tara, Emmy and Richard at Don Jose's. They'd been to Aunt Ruby's service in Helena. Sol and Emmy had played so hard that he was tuckered out and Neall brought him inside in his car seat. He slept through the whole meal. Emmy is a doll - blue-eyed, nearly white-blond curly hair. She'll be two in less than two weeks. Dick and Jean had already made other plans and couldn't be there - missed them!

I finally made it back to church and SS this morning, but didn't go tonight. Sat on the very back row and took a bottle of water just in case I had a coughing fit. I didn't - the whole time. I told Paul that was the key - just keep a bottle of water with me at all times. I took it to Walmart yesterday and didn't need it. Stopped at Hay's - didn't take my water - nearly died on the soup aisle. Had to grab a box of Puffs and rip it open - the floodgates opened. Hurried and checked everything out, including the Puffs.
I took a nap this afternoon and it was sunny when I lay down and looked about to rain when I woke up. That quick. I walked Oscar around the block and the clouds were very dark and low, a damp chill in the air. Paul has this old crud now, but he recovers much faster than I do. I finally decided to take Claritin-D and it just makes my nose run. Soo looking forward Monday to (1) my cold office, (2) the two air-drying heaters I keep running to warm the place up. Naturally, this helps my sinuses and cough.

Of course, it's Super Bowl Sunday, but we don't do anything special and I've never been a Bruce Springsteen fan (half-time show). Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem wonderfully, though. I'm pulling for the Cardinals, though I do like both quarterbacks, but especially Kurt Warner. I told Paul they are so fast! "Honey, they are all fast at this level or they wouldn't be there!" Roethlisberger looks like a tank. Missed that 100 yd interception/touchdown by James Harrison.

I thought I'd found a bargain at Walmart on a Singer serger (why have I always been afraid of them? so many spools...), but they said they weren't marking them down even though they're discontinuing the fabric center. I'll try to check occasionally to see - there were only two there. Paul said, "You don't need another sewing machine." "It does other things," I told him. Once I retire I may actually have time to do some sewing. There's also an embroidery machine... But there is no room at my house.

Bought frames for two pictures of me that Mama had. If I didn't get them in frames, they would get bent, folded or torn - me at seven and my senior picture. Okay, I'll say it - I was a cute little kid. (The shirt was yellow and the collar and button panel - see I haven't sewn in so long I don't even know what it's called any more - white with green figures - it was like a seersucker fabric.) And the senior girl was not so bad either. Pardon my modesty!

Sher called me to email a file to her that she'd done when she was here two weeks ago. She was so tired and had been working since around noon, on homework! We got cut off but I didn't call her back, nor did she, me.

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