Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sky is BLUE!!

Yesterday's surgery went great! (Looking around the waiting room, I asked Paul, "How'd we get in here with all these old people? But I guess they think the same thing about us." Many had patches, or if the women didn't have make-up on, I assumed they were in line for surgery, too. J. L. Campbell was there for surgery; Barbara was with him.) They were about an hour behind, but once started, it only took about 30 minutes, as Dr. Stank said, to do the cataract/lens, and the ECP. I was given a sedative/relaxer, and really thought I'd be out during the surgery, but I knew everything he did, and we even talked a little. My eye was completely numb and wide with dilation, and I suppose it was all the eye drops, but something, had half my face/forehead/head numb. When I had the sedative in my hand, in fact, I just dozed off immediately - wish I could go to sleep like that every night! And when I woke up who knows how many minutes later, I asked, "Is it over now." They assure it me wasn't. I should have known - I was still in the same place I was and common sense would tell you he wouldn't do the surgery out in the pre-op area! But my sense wasn't common at that point.

Slept good last night once I got to sleep - I took a nap yesterday after we got home - eye began to ache a little, and also that silly place on my foot itched! So took xanax and tylenol and got to sleep and slept good. They didn't give me my patch back this a.m., but Paul said he'd go get it for me and some paper tape (other kind breaks me out), in case I need it at night. I think I'd be aware enough not to rub my eye or roll over and sleep on it - pressure - but just in case.

Went to see Dr. Mitchell here in Wynne for pressure check this morning - was very good (17 with no Xalatan drop last night) - said my eye looked great. It isn't much red, just a little under top lid and not unless you look up under it. Will go back tomorrow for another check of pressure. Depending on how low that stays, will not have to use the glaucoma drops for now which is what keeps the eye pressure down. Have 3 kinds of drops to use over next 1-4 weeks, post-surgery. Though it's still a little blurry, I can tell how much brighter everything looks from that (R) eye! Look through the left eye (not "fixed" yet) and there's a yellow cast to everything; look through the right and it's clear and bright! Still fuzzy, but bright - crisp looking! The sky has looked like it had a film of dust over it, which I didn't realize, of course, until the dust was "lasered away" - and with the right eye - it's soooo blue and the clouds sooo white!! Will be glad to get the other one done. Dr. M. said my near sight was so much better, and over next few days can tell about over all. May still have to wear glasses - but that's okay - not using drops any more - a PLUS; seeing clear colors - a PLUS; near vision improved - a PLUS. Dr. Mitchell said Dr. Stank was sooo good (and I know it - I've been seeing him for about 15 years) - if he had to have c-surgery or his mother (who works for Dr. M) that's who they'd use. Smoothe!! (I asked the nurse how many they did in a day at Southern Eye and she said he had 20 scheduled for yesterday! The cataract part doesn't take but about 10 minutes, and the ECP another 20, and not everyone has the ECP.)

When they took the patch off this a.m., I wasn't expecting dizziness or nausea - it just lasted a little while, the more I look around, the better it is. Just that both eyes are adjusting to the "new" vision in the right one. The nurse brought a waste basket in case I threw up - which she said some had, but I didn't. By the time Dr. M looked at me, it was much better and I walked out without any trouble.

Don't know when I'll have the other one done - when they say it's okay, I guess. Probably by another month, six weeks. Hope so.

Our receptionist Sharon Wingo (cousin to Wayne) is going to have to have triple and possibly four by-pass surgery! She had the cath done yesterday and Beck called and said they couldn't do the stints - guess it's must be where the blockage is - but probably would do it while she's there - they kept her last night. Her dad was originally from Iuka - brother to Wayne's dad I think - I think she and Wayne are first cousin's pretty sure.

Today is soooo pretty - cool/crisp. Had the back door open earlier and a bird flew in! And then flew out! Glad he found his way out! Sparrow I think.

I've requested tomorrow as a vacation day. No need to push (no lifting, straining, bending over/straining/take it easy) and I have to go back anyway for another pressure check. But I've had enough stress lately with cold/sinus/bronchitis and it being Friday...
Thank you, Dr. Stank!!!

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Kaye Butler said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. Mr. Nichols stopped by yesterday and said you were doing good and what a beautiful job the Doc did!