Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Memory

Last fall when we went to Bren's for the weekend, we ate at a little restaurant north of Iuka, and ran into one of Charlotte and Martha's classmates; he had been president of their senior class at Burnsville - Danny Lynch, and his wife Joan. Bren emailed me this morning that Danny had passed away suddenly of an apparent heart attack. She said he had cared for his mother for many years and she finally had to go to a nursing home, and that he'd felt really bad about that. Bren would see him when he visited his mother in the hospital there, where Bren works.
When we met him, it was a great reunion for Martha and Charlotte and I just sensed he was a really nice guy. Something about his eyes "sparkled" when he laughed. I guess I remember that because Mama's eyes "sparkled."

Just met him that one time, and feel as though I've lost a good friend. The mutual friendship connection and that one chance meeting in a little obscure restaurant made it that much nicer. I wrote about our trip, and his, Charlotte and Martha's picture is on October 6, as well.

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