Friday, October 31, 2008


I read Paul's blog and had completely forgotten about the fall festival at church this year! It's true - we do leave the house and don't do the trick 'r treat in our neighborhood for reasons I'll mention later, but we've always donated candy to church for the kiddoes there. I knew there was a call for candy earlier and what with vacation and then a busy week with meetings, I just forgot. Last year Paul went to church for the festivities. He said I had another obligation that night, and now I don't even remember what it was. But that was a whole year ago.

We used to stock up and greet the little goblins at our door, but then there began to be so many we would run out of goodies within 30 to 40 minutes, people would bring tiny babies not even big enough for any kind of costume, and then there were huge trick 'r treaters with huge bags; so we quit doing the home thing and started taking the bags of candy to church for the booths there. We always enjoyed it when Amy was little, but then things began to change. Maybe it's different now, but we aren't there to see.

But tonight I hope to see Emmy, Sol and maybe Julia in their costumes, and we'll take them treats at Neall and Becca's when we go for just a short visit. Meantime, here is Emmy's "day" costume. I thinks she plans to be a chicken tonight! This poodle will be hard to top, though! (Tara sent me this picture of her today. Isn't she just a little peach?)

At our meeting in Moro this morning, Ruby dressed in the traditional orange and black and had on Halloween socks. And that reminded me - I have Halloween socks! What am I thinking these days? Just too much on my mind for frivolity I guess. Teri used to get all of us the holiday-at-hand socks and I know I have the ones she gave me years ago for Halloween.

I just need to remember to get out my silly socks...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

St. Paul

There is St. Paul in the Bible, as you well know. He was the greatest missionary of the gospel of Jesus Christ who ever lived and wrote many of the books of the New Testament. He was a human being as well and called himself the chief among sinners. But he stayed the course and we are all the better for it, for his teachings, and for his dedication to His Lord.

There is another "St. Paul" and I am blessed to live with him. My Paul recently did a "secret act" of blessing to another that I was totally surprised to learn this morning. Suffice it to say he did this for no recognition and he performed it out of pure love for the other person, an act of grace. No, he is not perfect - he sleeps with the noisy radio on, he flips channels on TV with the remote, he doesn't cook (but doesn't mind going out to eat often!), he takes forever sometimes to make decisions (but wisely so as I am prone to acting on impulse). He is pretty easy to live with. He is gracious and kind.

The recipient of the act of kindness was totally surprised and as I said, I knew nothing about it until the other person did. I'm sure there are so many other things he does for people that he never mentions. His kindnesses just show in his thoughtful manner, his dedication to God, his family and his work. He attempts to do the best for all concerned in a situation, not only at home, but in his work capacity as mayor of Wynne.

If this were election year for his office, I probably would not be writing this because I wouldn't want anyone to think I'd written it just for an endorsement :-), although I would be proud to endorse him! (Those who know us probably would know better than that anyway.) But I can assure you that it is the truth, election year or not! He is the same person at home and at work. You can be sure he is doing his best for the City of Wynne. He is most certainly doing his best for his home and family.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whatever Comes Next...

I was reminded this morning why it is so hard for me to do "extra" things during the week. Mornings I have to unbend, unkink, work out the stiffness, get the coughing over with, get to work and after about an hour or so I'm feeling like a human, finally.

Last night several of us girls went to a movie in Forrest City, and since it didn't start till 7:20, I drove home, ate a quick supper (pizza), petted Oscar and caught up on the day with Paul (kind of slow day for both of us, or at least he was pondering some things, so it was pretty quiet). I picked Jean up at 6:45-ish and we met the other girls at the theater. About half-way through the movie I thought, oh, my goodness, I could just go to sleep! Must I sit here for the duration? And I began to be twitchy. But I adjusted my position, took a deep breath and relaxed. It was a "chick flick" (Nights in Rodanthe) and most of us were crying by the end. It was good to be with friends away from work, too. It was 9:30 when I got home, showered and went straight to bed. This morning, well, I've already said why I don't do many extracurricular activities after work...

So this being Wednesday, do I have the energy to go to Bible study tonight? And sit on a hard chair? For an hour and a half? These are "reasons" anyone can come up with, but am I using "age" as a crutch, literally? I don't need to be doin' that. Beck said it's because we don't do more and we should be doing more. I have my routine and it is not easy nor do I want to disrupt it often. After being off for a week and doing what I wanted to, yet all the while exerting the extra effort to climb 15 steps up to our condo every time we returned to it, I guess I do just about what I make myself do. And I suppose that's important - just doing whatever comes next. If I just stop doing things, soon I won't be able to. "Use it or lose it." Like giving Oscar a bath, walking him (he's trained to the yard now, so that does help), going to work every day. I haven't been to a rheumatologist, but have thought about it. I've often thought I have fibromyalgia, but the road to that diagnosis is a long and grinding one. The orthopaedic MD offered Lyrica back in the spring, but I declined - for now. As long as I can, I'll just depend on my Advil and keep chugging.

Speaking of which - my closets are the next challenge and I sorely hate to tackle them. There are winter clothes in the attic that have to be brought down. (The nice cedar closet in the garage needs cleaned out, too. That was its initial purpose - to store off-season clothes. Now it is just full of never-worn clothes.) I am not a good discarder and cleaning closets requires moral support and "permission" to give things away. Maybe my girlfriends could help me with that!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Was It a Dream??

It's nice to be home. I wonder if it was all a dream... Four whole days of doing absolutely nothing except what we wanted to and whatever came next - naps, food, walks, food, naps, walks, more food. A full day of driving Monday the 20th and we found our little house on the beach fine, just after dark, but we could hear the surf. Fort Morgan Road and the condos and homes lining both sides are losing beach with every storm, though. It's narrower than 2005 when we were there. Amy slept and slept and slept. She said it was great not to have to listen for the phone in case of call-out for her funeral home duties! Next door, for 3 1/2 days, a worker used a front-end loader to scoop sand from beneath that house where it had blown and washed up from the fall's storms. He took load after load to build an ever-widening embankment in front of the house. By the time we left, it was a fairly wide barrier against high tides and rains. He said they couldn't put the sand back down on the beach itself because it was contaminated from the storms - probably glass, debris - and would be unsafe.

Tuesday - the sunniest, warmest day. Nice enough to get our feet in the water. Oscar loved the sand and rooted like a little pig! We didn't shop, except for groceries. We didn't eat out except twice and the same place both times! But it was good. We "toured" the Dearborn Battery just before you drive on out to the Dauphin Island Ferry and the fort (Ft. Morgan) itself. This was on Tuesday, the warmest day, and we all got prickly hot and prickly from little stickers that hurt like anything to pull off. Amazingly, our shoes got way more of these than Oscar's tail or face. Paul got one bad one from O's paw, but he was okay. We didn't make it back to the fort again without O, so we didn't tour it. We also drove down the "condo strip" in Gulf Shores itself and there are so many more that have been built back since the hurricanes four years ago which practically leveled everything on that side of the bay.

Wednesday - cloudy and windy. Good naps, raising the windows and letting the bay breezes flow through the house. We ate lunch at Lambert's in Foley. This was Paul's birthday, too! And Mama Nick's. David called to wish Paul a happy birthday, and Paul called his mother.

Thursday - cloudy, windy and lots of rain. We went back to Gulf Shores and to the movie. We saw "Secret Life of Bees," and it was good. Sher arrived around 10:00 after driving in the pouring rain from south of Columbus. Oscar and Bailey got along well until it came to putting O's food on the floor. So he didn't eat much the last couple of days - I had to "hide" the food. And he didn't eat much while riding, so he ate much less than we did! Driving down and back home, he found his sweet spot in my lap and slept!

Friday - Amy, Sher and I didn't get dressed till around 3 or 4, just napped, sat around reading or staring at the waves. Paul drove to town to walk around in Lowe's, just to get out and "make a block," as he calls it. We got ready to meet Melanie, Kevin, Nate, and Jordan at Lambert's. They all spent the night afterward. Nate has grown so much in a year! And he is still the prettiest little boy! Beautiful eyes and such a sweet smile! After Thursday's rain we could see just how fragile the coastline is - water was under one of the houses a way down from us; it was situated nearer the water anyway, but it was "sitting" in the water. It had all receded or soaked in by Friday evening and the house was at the water's edge again.

Saturday - packing and getting ready to leave. How did we take so much stuff? We always do. Sher went on to Pensacola with her family. The sun was up and the day clear and a pod of dolphins put on a great show for us! As many pictures as I made (on rapid exposure, even) I think all that is visible are tiny dots in the water, and only one dot at a time, when for several yards we could see as many as five or six surfacing and diving!

Saturday we finally got everything back in the truck and we all left about 9:00. We missed our direction to go NW on 98 and were driving SW on I-10 when Paul and I both realized we shouldn't be seeing Pascagoula signs! We got to Moss Point before getting to a highway to go north. We drove through a National Forest and preserve for miles and the smart Chevy beeped at us and let us know we had 3 gallons of gas! Thankfully, there is a little crossroads called Bendale, MS, where we filled up. We were low on gas because Paul had put in just enough to get us back to Hattiesburg for the cheap gas ($2.229!). But we didn't mind paying $2.799 in the middle of nowhere!

So much to do this afternoon and don't even want to get started. Clothes still to unpack, clothes to fold. A book to finish reading... A nap to take... But Monday looms...

At Lambert's - plenty of food and the home of "Throwed Rolls!"

Looking out to sea.


Grandma Sher, Nathan and Bailey.

Family portrait!

More family!

"Sea Breeze"

Beautiful sunrise.

I was afraid he'd have sand all in his eyes and nose. Well, he did in his nose, but didn't seem to bother him, so I quit worrying and let him enjoy it. His eyes were fine, too.

Finding shells.

At Dearborn Battery, Fort Morgan.
Enjoying the sun!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday School Class Meeting, A Wedding, an Author, Packing up,
and a Guest Writer

Our class met this morning at Pam Gaskins's home and I was early! I thought it was at 9:00 and it was 9:30. Anyway, she let me in. :-) Katie and her husband Derek were home for the weekend and I got to meet him before he left the house. Katie stayed and we enjoyed her company and visiting with each other. There were twelve of us ladies. Alta told us about the cruise she and her husband enjoyed for their 40th anniversary, although she was seasick a lot. The first cruise they took 15 years ago was on a larger ship and she said it really made a difference. She also told about getting bargains in Clark's shoes - my and Stephanie's favorites, too! Shelby's voice was very hoarse so Stephanie will teach our class tomorrow. We had so much good food and of course enjoyed Pam's home and hospitality.

Paul performed an outdoor wedding ceremony for Brandon and Rachel Hudson. It was the first time I had attended a ceremony at which he officiated. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, there were many guests, and the bride and groom were beautiful and handsome. Each had four attendants and a flower girl and ring bearer. Judy Hudson is Brandon's grandmother and Carlena Hudson is his aunt, both ladies being in our SS class, but were absent from the class meeting to attend and assist with the wedding. I was very proud of Paul and it was very nice of their family to want him to officiate. Sher called as we were on our way home and I told her where we'd been. "I didn't know Paul did marriages," she said. "He doesn't," I told her. "He only does one marriage - ours, but performs weddings."

Sher said she had been to the Eudora Welty Symposium there in Columbus this morning and was so excited to tell me someone she had met from Iuka! Rita Grimsley-Johnson! Well, I was excited, too! Her column used to be in the Commercial Appeal; she wrote Charles Shultz's biography and some other books; she lives in Iuka about seven months of the year and knew some of the same people Sher did. She didn't know there used to be a store at Oldham (our great-aunts') but she knows where Oldham is! "Don't you remember at the Apron Museum, the owner showed us a book Rita Grimsley-Johnson had written?" She didn't - but she got an inscribed copy of one of her books and said Rita told her she would send her another small book about Iuka called Red Clay and Vinegar. Rita (now she's a first-name friend) told Sher she has a standing invitation for lunch at Cafe Memories in Iuka, whenver they both happen to be in town. (Her most recent book is Poor Man's Provence.)

I have what I hope is a week's worth of supplies to load into the truck late tomorrow evening. We plan an early departure Monday morning for our vacation! (Of course, we will have to get some actual food once we get there!) I tried to think of everything we might need because as I said, "town" is not handy. Everything from a couple of bathroom night lights, to popcorn, to paper towels, to peanut butter and crackers. We will take more than we'll use, but who knows who might need a crossword puzzle book or extra library book. Sher had planned to come down from Columbus Friday evening, then thought she would just take the whole day off, then if the whole day, why not just come on Thursday night so she'd have the whole day Friday? So looking forward to her and the kids coming! Amy and Mel haven't seen each other since last year either. I imagine Nate is growing so fast; Sher said he didn't want to talk much on the phone any more. Growing up and away already...

This may be it for a little while, unless I say goodbye again tomorrow! All you readers - thanks for stopping by often to see what's going on with us - we're such an exciting bunch - and it doesn't take a whole lot to make us happy! You all have a wonderful week!!

From Oscar

My Mommy got one of those buzzy things to do my toenails and I do not like it one bit. But she keeps trying to climate me, she says. But she says we are going on a long trip and a couple of times she has put a drop of something on my tongue to see if I will calm down when I hear my Daddy's recliner. I think it will take more than one drop. I am an excitable puppy! She keeps saying something about sand and lots of water. Well, she knows I do not like to take a bath, so we'll see. We walked in the cemetery today and we always go to this one big stone that says Teri on it. My Mommy said she will bring a new shell to Teri. I think this Teri liked the big water and shells, too. We will look for a special one for her and for Grandma, who my Mommy said liked the oshun, too.. I think everyone likes water except me. I will let you know when I get back. I think I will sleep a lot, but that Big Sister Amy will be riding and she really gets me going sometimes. I will try to be good.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba...

I had never heard of this until I read it on Tara's blog. Yesterday evening I got to see this new cartoon/learning show for kids first hand. After work I picked Paul up and we went by Neall and Becca's to see Emmy and Sol together. Cute doesn't begin to described those two! They love each other dearly and play together so well. Kissin' Cousins!! Neall was home with the two and Becca came in a few minutes later. Emmy had been trying to tell me something about the TV and I just couldn't make it out. Aunt Becca knew and turned on this kids' show on Nick, Jr. (I had to Google this to find out from whence it came!). This thrilled Emmy and she chattered and pointed the whole time it was on. I held her and we danced to the music and she liked being up there eye-level with the screen. We played peek-a-boo with Sol; and Emmy, Sol, Becca and I played Ring-Around-the-Rosy. They thought it was so fun to see us all "fall down." Emmy spent the night before with Julia; I know her mommy will be glad to get home from her trip. I got the sweetest hug and cuddle from Sol, too.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rainy Day

It poured on the way to work this morning. I couldn't find an umbrella in the truck, probably way in the back somewhere, but I had a windbreaker I threw over my head. The food we brought for Boss's Day was most welcome! Wesley's mother-in-law had made the sausage/egg casserole, Carolyn Hayes brought cheese and summer sausage, dip and chips; Danielle brought banana pudding, someone brought Hello Dollies; if I start trying to name everyone I'll be in trouble! It was all wonderful and the bosses appreciated it.

I've been catching up on payroll changes, and salary changes to the Lincoln office for next year's billing, and there were a lot of them. Some had changed since the first of the month and had to be corrected, and then there is the 401k spreadsheet that is really the beginning point for payroll changes. It's sort of convoluted to say the least, but if I can do it, anyone can. A lot of paper trails, which is good. We can always look back and see what was done and when, and accounting uses the spreadsheet for their purposes, too.

Mapquested the route to State Highway 180 we turn off to go to our place in the sun (I hope it's sunny). I remembered the Walgreens on the corner, so I found that and nothing appears to have moved, so I think we'll find it okay after dark. There is another apparently slightly shorter route; the straighter route goes practically straight down to Dauphin Island and then across on the ferry, which would be closer. But... The ferry doesn't run after 6:30 P.M. I don't really want to ride or drive onto a ferry boat after dark! Anyway, we plan to cross the ferry one day we're there and it's a pretty ride in the day.

Jennifer emailed some pictures she had of us.

I didn't go out for lunch; there is still food here anyway. It's wet and cool and my heater is on, humming nicely, so I have just snacked, written, and putzed during my hour. I bet Oscar didn't go outside when Paul went home for lunch; he tries to avoid the wet. Wonder how he'll do on the beach. I imagine the sand will feel funny. Speaking of paws... I ordered the Pedipaw nail file and he hates it. First of all, you have to "acclimate the pet to it." He will tolerate the sound of it, but not the touch to his toenail. We'll have to work on that. He is very sensitive about his nails. I'll probably end up using it myself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday Cindy, Carolyn and I drove to Bruce, MS, for Norma's sister Judy's funeral. Ron loaned us his Garmin and it was pretty handy, just had us turning off onto the roadside before we got to Bruce - but we went right past the Parker Memorial Funeral Home and Bruce Cemetery, so we knew where we needed to be at 2:00. We went to eat lunch and drove around a bit, then I decided to stop at the police station and asked the officer on duty where he would recommend we eat. Not only did he tell us a good place (Veracruz Mexican Restaurant) but escorted us there! He left his own lunch and led the way there, then told us how to go on back to the funeral home without having to backtrack. Very nice. When I told him we were there for a funeral, he knew immediately whose.

There were so many people at the funeral home we could hardly walk. Norma was doing pretty well and introduced us to some of her family; Amy and her husband were there, and Alan. Donna and James arrived just after we did. The service was very sweet and Judy evidently touched many lives and was a vital part of the community.

The drive back was pleasant, reflective of all we'd seen and done, and we enjoyed each others' company all day. So nice to have friends to depend on. The time went fast since we were all talking about everything!

Norma said she'd probably be back at work today and she was. Carolyn was concerned for her being so tired, but Norma said she needed to be there, be with us.

I've started making my vacation list, got a few supplies at Wal-Mart today, started stacking some things together that I don't want to forget. I texted Amy to see if she has a white shirt so we can make a family picture on the beach. She does. Maybe I'll make Oscar a white kerchief. He'll be thrilled. I have my tripod on my list of things to take. Maybe the beaches will be fairly nice for pictures and walking - the realty company said there were no dunes. Sher may come Friday evening to spend that last night, on her way to Melanie's. I emailed Mel and we'll work out a time to see each other. Emailed our numbers and condo phone to family.

Tomorrow is boss's day and we're (the office) is taking snack food instead of trying to get gifts for bosses since some are not too easy to think of things for. Everyone likes food!

Jim is having his first eye surgery (cataract) "fine-tuned" tomorrow. The surgery was fine; the lens was not the correct one for that eye; he'd had a detached retina before and they were working around scar tissue as well as the cataract. Bren said they were going on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Fall Foliage Cruise this Saturday with a group from church. Here's a site that describes various Heritage events. Sher had mentioned this back in the summer, but with other schedules and trips, this wasn't one we could do this time.

Paul has been busy with city council meeting and city matters this week. We're all very ready for some relaxation and down time. The only thing I regret is that Mama Nick's birthday is next week when we'll be gone, which reminds me - I need to get her card and gift in the mail tomorrow! She will be 90 and Paul will be 62 on the same day, the 22nd. Beck's dad just turned 90 on October 13. We're fortunate to have our parents so long. I dreamed about Daddy Nick last night. Mama would have been 80 this year. She would have been incredulous! She could never believe she was as "old" as she was... Sweet little Mama.

Mama, April, 2007, Columbus, MS.

I believe this is the only picture I have of Mama Nick (left) and Mama together. This was made about 1998, when Mary Jane and Earl got married (Bren/Jim's daughter), at the old Tishomingo County Courthouse. You would be very blessed indeed to have such a sweet mother and mother-in-law as mine. I'm glad they stood so close. See how their shoulders fit together?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday...

But first.

Sunday Paul and I went to church, Sunday School, then home for a few minutes until time to go to Mike and Donna's wedding at 11:30. It was at St. Peter's Catholic Church and was attended by family and close friends. It was a very sweet ceremony; I just felt lost without my camera, but maybe Mike will get one of the group pictures to me and Paul. We were all treated to dinner at JB's and had great steaks. We sat with long-time friends of Mike - Manny and Cathy, from Massachusetts and had a good visit, comparing the different cultures in the parts of the country we and they live in. They owned a home oceanside at one time (for 17 years) but at some point their families didn't care to go as they grew older - their parents. It was a lot of upkeep for a second home, so they sold it. I told Paul to ask Mike about them when he sees him around town. We had naps in the afternoon, then went to church last night. Brother Matt preached on responsibilities of citizens and how to prepare to vote, based on Scriptures. He isn't endorsing anyone, or not endorsing, just exhorting us to be prayerful about it.

This morning I learned that Norma's sister Judy died Sunday morning. She'd been very ill for some time and probably would soon have gone on hospice care, but this was very fast and somewhat unexpected. Norma had been there the weekend, giving their other sister Shirley some respite. The funeral is tomorrow and Carolyn, Becky and I from work, and Donna (who's retired and a close friend of Norma, also) are going to Bruce to the funeral. I plan to drive and may take Paul's truck since it is bigger and more comfortable for longer trips.

Tara brought Emmy by the office to see us! They were on their way to Neall and Becca's so Emmy can visit them this week. Tara has a business trip to make. They were also meeting Papa Richie - I think Emmy just says "Richie" - for lunch. She loved the gold fish, and had on the cutest little red patent boots! She's so friendly and sweet, waved and said "bye" when they left. I hope to get by Neall/Becca's this week to see her and Sol together.

I bet she can click her heels together!

I called about our condo, how to get the key after hours and location and got all that information. Reed Realty had their website back up and I found our unit and pictures of it - looks nice! It's about 1/2 mile from where we stayed in 2005. We will need to buy groceries and stock up on whatever we want because Paul, Amy and I have agreed we are going to see the ocean and will make very few trips back to town! I emailed Melanie and told her we'd be there week after next and our cell phone numbers. Hope we can go there or they can come visit us. We won't be there on a weekend, but maybe after Nate is out of school, we can get together.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Up early this morning and had my appointment at Hairjazz. I was already dressed to go to West Memphis and we stopped by Hay's for balloons for Jana's birthday. That took longer than I thought, because the ones I liked were not already inflated, and then one of them got away from us. But the young lady who waited on me cleverly captured it with tape on a broom handle.

We got to Pancho's just at 12:30 and I had realized only minutes before that I hadn't called to see if we needed to reserve a table! But we didn't and had plenty of room. Was so good to see everyone! I think it was last winter when we were last together - at Pancho's. Amanda (Jennifer and Mike's little girl) had taken to Amy just from the time they met in the parking lot, and wanted to sit beside her. Daniel (Tabitha and Kerry's little boy) wanted to be with his Pop Pop. It was fun watching the little ones since I'm not around kiddoes very much. They're so sweet. Jana's the youngest of the Dexter girls, and her birthday was Thursday. They brought cupcakes for dessert. They're such pretty girls and so much fun - every one of them has a great sense of humor, as does Salinda and Richard. So glad to have so many cousins!

Salinda brought pictures of my dad, Luther - one I already had, but it was a little larger size, of him in his Navy uniform; another made in 1980. Jennifer had some of Amanda in her pretty white dress I think she said Tab had made for her.

Most of the pictures I made inside didn't turn out well. It was pretty dark and you know... the flash deal and the non-flash deal and movement, etc. Jennifer has a Canon (Rebel?) digital camera and Tabitha a Nikon D40. The shutters are so fast! They said they'd email pictures to me of the group. Paul and I stopped at Walmart on the way home and I looked at both kinds, both reasonably priced and within the amount I have squirreled away for "something special." Thinking about a new camera anyway. The Nikon uses image cards like I already have.

Back home by about 3:30 or so and I hosed the leaves off the patio, gave Oscar a bath this evening and lay down and read for a while, never did nap. Then I folded clothes and put them away, had a bowl of cereal for supper, and decided to look at the pictures and see if I could do anything with them. Here are a few. Will put some more up when I get them from Jennifer and Tab.
Amanda, Amy, Dawn, Jana (whose birthday was Thursday), Tabitha.

Daniel and Pop Pop (Richard).


Tabitha, Amy, Jennifer.

Richard and Paul.

Salinda and I are on the girls' cameras. Saving the best for another time! :-

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Pretty Kitty

Bitty often gets ignored because she is so well-behaved and ladylike. Even her swipes at Oscar when he's being unusually obnoxious to her are delivered after patiently waiting for him to go away and leave her alone. When he doesn't, he learns who's boss. Bitty was Amy's cat that she got when living in Jonesboro in 1996. She was born in May of that year, so is a pretty old kitty and for having been an outside cat, with frequent visits inside when it's cold, wet or she wants her canned food treat (which drives Oscar crazy), she is in really good health. Last year she had an infected tooth that had to be extracted. We keep her shots current and our sweet neighbor Virginia missed Bitty having her collar and tag on recently and told Paul. Bitty had just escaped from her collar (one of those with a safety feature) and we had never put it back on. But we did then. It also keeps the birds from being surprised. Bitty is a regular visitor to Virginia's house and loves the good treats she gives her. In the summer Bitty looks like all her fur is being pulled out daily by handfuls - she sheds really bad and look sawful. But when fall comes, her coat gets full and thick and I have to keep a watchful eye out for wads of fur that get matted up on her underside. She's the proverbial curious cat. If any of us, including Oscar, are in the back yard and she knows it, she has to be with the crowd and is climbing over the fence! She tolerates Oscar well, as I said, very unlike their first meetings when he came to live with us. There was a time she refused to come near the back door, but now runs in right past him. They occasionally check each other out, but the nose-to-nose greeting is all she'll tolerate. He just can't understand why she won't play!

She heads to a safe spot under the redbud and grasses.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thanks, Kaye!

Kaye Butler "commented" to me how to do a link. It worked! (I have to admit, though, that I was trying to make it work in edit mode!" It does actually work when you are reading the blog, not working on it... duh...)

Next I'd like to know how to do the strike-throughs - so I can write what I really think (really?) and strike through that and make it sound pretty. :-) Just keeping it fun.

Kaye is my go-to girl for helpful tips like this! Thank you!
The Chief's Reception

I guess he will always be "the Chief," and absolutely a great friend! Mike's reception was at City Hall this afternoon and I stayed the whole time, it was so nice! There was a great crowd and not only did I get to visit with Theda, Carol and Barbara, but so many other Wynne folks I hardly ever get to see.

Mike and his lovely fiance, Donna Ball. They will be married very soon.

Theda, Mike, Carol and Barbara. The ladies did a great job with the food, flowers and hospitality!

Mike, me and Paul. He's been a great police chief for the city for nine years!

Lt. George Pettigrew presented a gift to Mike on behalf of the Police Department.

Some of the many guests who came by with kind words for Mike. The newly appointed Police Chief Jeff Sanders is below, second from left.

Mrs. Maxine White and Mrs. Winifred Sigman.

(The quality of the pictures was not what I wanted but should have expected... I didn't use the flash because it was taking so long for it to cycle back on after a picture. Next time I'll remember: Quality over quantity! Flash captures movement, too, where with my little Nikon no-flash means jitters unless the subject is perfectly still. With a little "tweaking" most were salvagable to some degree...)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall Sun and the Rest of the Airport Story

The fall sun has always been one of my favorite "auras" to behold. It burnishes everything with a golden light like no other time of year. Part of the charm of the autumn light may be that it is not hot like summer sunlight. The air it inhabits is cool and crisp while giving everything a luminous sheen. I've never seen the aurora borealis except on TV, but there seems to be some kinship of the northern lights and autumn lights, a gracefulness and magic about them...

Paul wrote on his blog - (I don't know how to make a link here; I tried... it's in my Blog List below if anyone wants to go there) about the luncheon today at Mike's, which was attended by several dignitaries including Governor Mike Beebe. I'd forgotten where the actual luncheon would be, but knew the regional airport groundbreaking was today at Colt. When the girls and I arrived at Mike's, I remembered where they'd be eating. The parking lot was full and I spotted Paul's truck. After we were seated, I told them I should go to the door and wave at Paul, but that wouldn't be very dignified. Paul might deny even knowing me, too. I tried to call him on his cell phone, but he wouldn't answer! Well! Then someone hit on the idea of sending him a note and I wrote on a napkin, asked Mike to give it to Paul if he had a chance (they were "slammed" today, as wait staff say). We ate our lunch and in a little while Paul stopped by our table. He said Mike had given him a napkin and said something about "Pat," but he said, "It was a blank napkin." "Look inside it," I told him. He had opened it wrong and didn't see my note to him:"Sweetie, Answer your phone! We are on the other side (of the restaurant)!" The luncheon party was moving on to the dedication site so Paul had to go, and by the time we left, all the cars that had been in the parking lot had moved southward about half a mile and were lined up along the highway shoulders. Paul was one of the speakers and also one of the ground breakers, along with Governor Beebe and Mayor Gordon McCoy of Forrest City. The regional airport will be a real asset to our area upon completion in about 2012 or 2013. We missed our chance meeting the Governor, but did get to speak to Mayor Nichols and Representative David Dunn.