Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Memorial

This morning at work we learned that Barbara Garner, wife of Larry Garner who works from the Augusta district office, died after a long battle with cancer. They were such a close couple, loved their kids and grandkids. Both were always so upbeat, even though Barbara had had other health problems before this. They just loved life and I always felt better myself just being around them. When I used to process insurance claims (before HIPAA) Barbara and I talked occasionally about medical claims, or I'd help her find answers to questions. She had been unable to work for several years, but stayed busy at home and with her family.

This was made in 1997 at our health fair we had at Village Creek State Park. I didn't have any recent Christmas Party pictures of her and Larry.

My sympathy goes to Larry and their family, and to all the guys he works so closely with. We all feel the loss when this happens.

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