Friday, February 27, 2009

Fellowship, Bible Study; Barking Dog, and Eye Surgery

I went to the Soup-er Supper last night at church and had a great time. There were so many soups and desserts, it was hard to choose! They did have fast food carry trays for four smaller individual cups to try as many as four at a time, and the ones I had were all delicious. Not to mention the desserts - Sue Garner had something I missed, so I went back for a little of that cake, too. Oh, well, I'm sure I wasn't the only one getting seconds.

Kim Dillard spoke and gave her testimony of God's faithfulness and the HOPE we have in Him through everything we are brought to - He will take us through. Her husband had a brain tumor and it was successfully removed, all orchestrated by God's guidance, even to the surgeon, who only took cases no one else would touch. And he's 77 years old - or was at the time. God granted Steve his musical ability intact after the surgery as well! Kim had us crying one second and laughing the next. Laughter is a gift, too, and helps us through so many tough times. Of course, this brought back many memories of Teri's illness. But we must remember the HOPE we have in God.

Kaye Butler (Butler Family Diaries) had her picture made with me and wants to use it on her blog. I told her I hoped it wouldn't shut the entire internet down! She writes so well, and I love reading about her successful management of her diabetes and how well she's done, and rearing two teenage girls! Her descriptions of using the Wii defy imagination - must read to believe! Hilarious!

Sher had called and I called her back when I got home last night. We talked a long time, till Oscar started barking! Now Oscar never barks unless there's someone near the house! So this concerned me but he settled down pretty fast. I never did see or hear anything and didn't get Paul up. So all was well. It's one thing for him to bark at the school bus when you know that's what it is, but another when he flies up out of his kennel at night when you can't see outside! But thank goodness he barks!

I have not done well at all with the current Bible study (about the Temple): the ice, the Valentine banquet, sinus problems, the cataract surgery. The next night-time study will begin April 8, and it's a Precept. Now if I couldn't focus and concentrate on Beth Moore... Precept is designed for you to study on your own, practically all within the Bible itself, nothing spoon-fed there! Like diagraming sentences - repitition of words/phrases, discerning the meaning just between you and God. I love that. It's time-consuming, however, and here I am talking myself out of it. I just don't want to start and can't finish. (Haven't I said all this somewhere before?) We'll see.

My left eye surgery is scheduled for March 11. The February and March calendar's are identical, down to the 28th, of course. So it will have been exactly one month from the right eye surgery. The astigmatism may correct itself - Dr. Stank's nurse (via Ailene at Dr. Mitchell's) said Dr. S would remove the stitch, but within 6-8 weeks of surgery I should see the best results. I think it's still improving. I know I'm definitely seeing better with the R eye sans lens, than the left with lens at times. I'm excited to be getting the other one done! Blink one eye - dingy; blink the other - clear and bright! Amazing! I can hardly wait to see dual clear and bright!

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