Saturday, February 28, 2009


It was forecast and we got it - a frosting of snow, wet and slushy, though. The forsythia, which had just begun its yellow spring dress, was overlaid with a shawl of lacy white.

I wonder if Iuka got snow? I'll ask Mama Nick when I call her. She's like a little kid when it comes to snow, especially snow cream. If there's any way possible for her to go outside and scoop it up, she will have a bowlful of snow to make her snow cream. When there's plenty of snow, she makes enough to put in the freezer!

We went to Barbara Garner's visitation last night. Larry and I spoke and I stood with him for a few minutes and watched the picture slideshow with him and Wanda and O. D. Walker. (He and Wanda are first cousins I learned.) Later when he saw Paul, he asked where I was. I don't know if he remembered talking to me. I can see how he wouldn't. There were so many people there, friends, family and co-workers (who are like family). We stayed about 45 minutes. It breaks my heart to have to go, but I do. Larry and I have worked "together" for over 30 years; they're like my brothers and sisters. I've helped them with lots of paperwork, but beneath the paper and ink is the heartbeat of being connected through time, work, shared experiences, friendships... I talked with their daughter Tammy for several minutes and told her how upbeat they both always were. She said they always had been and had raised their family to be the same way. They were blessed with great parents.

Today I slept until 9:30, which is very late for me. I woke around 2:00, couldn't sleep, read a while. Back to sleep finally, but woke up unrested. I let Oscar out, fed him, ate breakfast myself. Paul was at the coffee shop. I washed some clothes, finally took a shower, studied my Sunday School lesson, and Paul and I ate some lunch. He'd waxed his car in the garage this morning after he got home from Kelley's. The mail had run and my "Where Women Create" and "Artul Blogging" had come. (Somerset publications.) I took them to bed with me, looked at one till I got really sleepy and then took a three-hour nap. I woke feeling better this time. What is it about the light glowing through the sheers in the bedroom, snuggling under the cover fully dressed in jeans and sweatshirt, that just about insures a great nap? I wish I could sleep that well at night.

Amy called on her way home from work and was on the bridge. She was just awed by how beautiful the snow looked on the trees, bridge and along the river, with the bridge lights in the distance, and along the bank. By this time the light was beginning to wane, so I'm sure it had that "gloamy" look about it, a fairlyland appearance.

So my projects for the day are still waiting: getting through a mountain of paper and filing or shredding it, cleaning out the refrigerator, and putting Mama's pictures in an album. Well, they've been there and will be there until next time I get the urge to do something about them!

Today was a "snow" day.

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