Monday, January 19, 2009

Sister Fun

Sher got to our house about the time I got home from work, and being Friday night, we were all ready to eat out somewhere. Paul had been home from Little Rock for just a few hours, too, and we met Dick and Jean at Kelley's. The whole weekend was practically non-stop, but fun:

We were up late Friday talking, laughing, piled up in bed like the kids we are and watched "House," the ending of "North By Northwest," and then switched over to Leno and he was a guest. Discovered the Band from TV, which was really good. Hugh Laurie is pretty talented!

One is hers, one is mine...
Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint hanging on for dear life on Mt. Rushmore...

Saturday morning she and I met Jean and Carol at McD's for breakfast (McCafe's & snacks); then we went to the grocery store for "healthy foods." (She's my health guru, but we tried our best to finish up the mincemeat cookies I made last week!)

Saturday afternoon Paul, Sher and I went to Jboro and had a couple of hours to shop before the movie we wanted to see started. Kind of a chick flick and Paul really didn't want to go, so he ate, we went to the movie, had popcorn/soft drinks to tide us over, and we ate later at the same place (BBQ). "Last Chance Harvey" is what we saw and it was good - Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. When we shopped earlier, I bought lipstick, Sher bought some Origins lotion, and I got the B&N Classics edition of Sherlock Holmes, which I've never read. (I have also discovered "House" is based on Holmes.) We were home by 8:00 I guess; walked our dogs - who, by the way, were excellent with each other. Oscar is finally learning "grown-up manners" I think. I was so proud of him. (How'd Hoffman get so "old" - though he did look fine - has it been that long since he was in "Midnight Cowboy," "The Graduate," "All the President's Men," "Rain Man," "Tootsie," among others? I'm not as familiar with Emma Thompson, but I don't see as many movies as I used to! She was very good, too!)
Time out for sunbathing...

I intended to try very hard (hmm, that right there sounds like an excuse!) to go to SS and church Sunday, but what with breakfast, getting ready - just didn't happen. After making our "smoothies" in the blender (Kifir, banana, blueberries, dollops of pomegranate juice, coconut and wheat germ), Sher went back to bed, I sat on the sunny, warm (yes - it had warmed up!) patio. Later I trimmed around Bailey's eyes and face, belly (he didn't much like that part of the deal), and started dinner: white beans, meat loaf, cornbread, sweet potato (we all shared one of the Matthews sweet potatoes), creamed potatoes, slaw, and slices of ham. Stuffed to the gills, we all took naps. Later Sher started on her business law homework and I worked on Week 2 of Bible study.

Each night Oscar was right up in the middle of us (Sher and I sleep together like old times - hogging our sides of the bed and as much of the other's as we could get away with!), and Oscar fit right between us. Bailey slept in his doggie bed at the foot of the bed or right beside Sher on the floor. We had walks Saturday and Sunday, around the block and over to school and back. Sunday was a little warmer and nice to be outside.

My sister is great and I don't know what I'd do without her! We have "history;" laugh at the same things - the best laughs!; enjoy the same kinds of movies. We both love to read. She's always coaxing (and coaching) me into eating healthier, unless, like I said, there are homemade cookies around. Then we both just lose it. We're not identical sisters by any means, but we "play well" together. (Amy texted me Saturday and asked if "you girls are playing nice;" I replied, "Yes, maam!")

Can hardly wait till Pilgrimage in Columbus till we can all get together again. Hopefully Jean and Carol can join us. That'll be sometime in late March, early April. With Bren, Charlotte and Martha, Sher'll have a houseful, but the more the merrier!
Getting ready to say good-bye!

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