Friday, January 16, 2009

If 30 Minutes Adds So Much To My Day...

The last two days I've left work 30 minutes early because Paul is gone, he's not there to "offer" Oscar the chance to at least go out at noon, it's so terribly cold anyway, and just 30 minutes later regular getting-home time it would be dusky dark. So 30 minutes has added the equivalent of about half a day to my schedule!! Imagine what whole days would do for it!

It was about oh, 19 when I got home, I walked O just a short way and thankfully he did his business quick and we were home locked in tight for the night! Until I had to let Bitty out later - she licked her cat food then went to her chair. I fed O, heated myself some soup again and then gave him a bath. We tried out the new "quiet" dryer and it is much quieter than mine I'd been using on him. He was still ready to rip and run, so I closed the bedroom door so he couldn't get far. I got the clippers out and worked on his beard - it's just too long and I know it bothers him because he cleans it all over the rugs (mostly not the carpet, thank goodness, but just the area rugs that are washable - he's polite that way). Later, I had the Dust Buster ready for the clippings (okay, it was clean hair!) and the noise didn't bother him. Now his little face looks like a round puppy face - so cute with those big brown eyes.

I worked on Bible study and got Day 1 Week 2 finished. It's really good and to hear Beth Moore teach each week makes me want to learn Greek and Hebrew! "God is a Wordsmith. He is The Word!" The original languages are so much more descriptive and precise than English (and He loves to "play" on words), though of course I'm thankful for our Bible and the different versions and scholars who've helped explain it. There is nothing like asking for understanding direct from Him, though, which Beth so evidently has done and inspires her audiences to do more!

Later I watched some of President Bush's farewell speech, then House. Now if I have something really, really strange wrong with me (and sometimes I wonder! ha) I would want him diagnosing my case. He doesn't quit and he doesn't like being wrong, but he is quirky. And in real life he is British! I knew that, but I heard him on some awards show the other night speaking in his normal voice.

And up at 6:00 a.m. both mornings. Could be a good habit; I know when Paul is not there I have to do it. The alarm in the front bedroom goes off, and buzzes and buzzes until someone actually hits the off button. So since I'm up, might as well stay up. Nice to have more time. I'm sure I don't keep these good habits because I know Paul will make me get up and I just won't until I have to. Pitiful. You'd think I was a teenager.

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