Saturday, January 10, 2009


This morning I went to Belinda Andrews Locke's baby shower at her sister-in-law Brandy Andrews' just down the street. (It was so cold and windy I drove, though!) Lots of cute little boy things (Noah) - mostly sports-related as her husband is a coach. Their little girl Olivia (Libby) is four I think. Brandy and Jeff's little girl Lynsey is about 16 months old, and Alice Ann and Ben's baby girl just under a year I guess. Lynsey surprised me by wanting me to hold her and she put her head on my shoulder for quite a while. I guess I look like a grandma.

I thought we were going to Jonesboro to see about doors for the bookcase, but we're not sure about the fit of them. The tops of the doors may be wider than the top of the bookcase - stick out, in other words. And Paul wanted to finish up moving the cable so it'd be hidden in the wall. He finally got it snaked down beside the stud behind the old entertainment center, after many trials and trips up in the attic. All I could do was search for the wire coming down and hold the flashlight.

I had to go to Hay's though I really didn't want to get out in the cold wind. For supper I made us taco salads in the crispy pastry shells and made cinnamon/sugar crisps out of the other two pastries.

There were dozens of old VHS tapes I went through and hardly discarded any of those - I'd taped a lot of good old movies - Marx Brothers movies, Fred Astaire, Gone With the Wind (a couple of times), I think there are two Schindler's List, old Roy Rogers movie, Shirley Temple movies Sound of Music, South Pacific. There were also several tapes of school functions (graduation), Goodie Day at work (I think Jimmie is one at least one of those), church cantatas. I had bought more DVDs than I had VHS movies; I guess because we never got a DVD recorder.

Last night I talked to Mike, Steve: Steve is getting cabin fever; Mike's apparatus/brace comes off his arm (the doctor has to unscrew four screws that holds the brace in place) in three weeks. This morning Sher called and was walking Bailey and staying close to home today. I guess winter had us all huddling close - Paul is huddling right now at yet another ballgame. Last night I watched Monk, Psych and part of House (it was a rerun) and stayed up too late; slept good, up at 7:30 this morning. But it's been a long day and I'm ready to hit the hay!

Bren sent me this link and it's really neat.

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