Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mincemeat Cookies

I'd never heard of mincemeat cookies till Sher made some at Christmas. She really wanted a pie but thought the cookies would keep better, so she got a small box of mincemeat and made the cookie recipe on it. It makes a lot of cookies! I made some today. I hope I can stay out of them long enough to freeze the ones I put in bags. I added pecan pieces after the first panful and I like those better; adds a little crunch. The mincemeat is on the very top and end of the canned fruit/pie filling shelf/aisle at Hay's. (Don't "reconstitute" the fruit; just crumble it up in the cookie dough. The dough will be pretty stiff.) I used self-rising flour and still added just a tad of salt. I was out of baking soda and they turned out fine.

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