Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rest Day

Paul went to Sunday School and church this morning; I didn't. My head couldn't take the cold, and I knew I'd have a coughing attack in church - it always happens where you need to be quiet and/or can't get to a drink of water. I'd already emailed Shelby and some of the other girls that I might not be there today. This is the third week! Got to get back - miss them a lot!

Amy came this afternoon and we had the roast/potatoes/carrots I'd cooked in the Crock Pot. Was good to have her home; she looked great - rested - and pretty, as always. She told us stories about "music moments" at a couple of services at the funeral home, which were slightly embarrassing to her but turned out fine. Murphy's Law. One involved playing a "live" version of one of Elvis's hymns, which was also a little "up-tempo," with audience applause! She didn't know it was live - didn't say so on the CD!

Paul and I weighed Oscar and I am going to cut down on his food. Since the dry skin episode, I've been putting olive oil on his food, as instructed, and also some canned dog food mixed with the dry (a TBS) and he's been eating very well twice a day. We knew he looked bigger, but he can't continue eating that much! I suppose for a dog who actually ran around in the yard or walked a lot, it'd be okay, but he doesn't get or need that much exercise, for his breed. Will adjust accordingly.

I've taken Advil, cough med and the antibiotics today and going to bed very soon.

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