Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sher's Blog

Sher and I've been working on her blog - one of her class assignments was to set up a blog so ah hayulped! Precise (so many little 1's and 0's). Technology is so confusing sometimes. For instance, I discovered from our cable company this morning that we didn't get a "dual" receiver DVR - but a single receiver. How would we know? So they'll change it out so we can actually record a program and watch something else. Why would they even bring a single-receiver? That's pretty archaic. And they'll bring an instruction book this time.

But Sher is up and running and we're "tweaking" together. (I always think of Tom Hanks "tweaking" when he's writing to Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail.") Her (Sher's, not Meg's) link is below. Mostly it will be class-related posts. We've had fun using our cell phones on "speaker" and it's almost as good as sitting side-by-side doing this.

Far and away from play houses in the woods using tin cans as dishes.

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