Monday, January 05, 2009

Remind Me There is a Lending Library Not Far From My House

I didn't know I had it in me! Saturday I took the plunge and Paul and I, working hand-in-hand and alternately, and never having one cross word - really, rearranged the back bedroom and the living room. Of course, that required moi to unload all the rest of the books I have not pulled out for recycling, us moving five pieces of furniture, moving pictures (some still need straightened), unwarping the area rug (not unwrapping, but unwarping - where we used a dolly to move the furniture), installing the new TV after a trip to Sam's to buy it; not to mention moving the 3,297 (more or less) old vhs tapes from the entertainment center that I've done over the years, old vhs movies, Disney movies (all which will be obsolete in a week or two), moving/letting go of the silk ficus tree, storing the tiny Madame Alexander dolls and a few other trinkets, and even actually throwing away our twelve-year old dried up lais from Hawaii!

By last night I could see the top of the bed and had all the extra books I couldn't fit into any bookcase whatsoever all stacked against the bedroom wall. These will have to be further filtered.

The details! Even the channels that are not HD are so seeable! You can actually see such details that you had no idea were on TV, and the TV talk-sets look like an extension of the living room. Just walk right in, sit down and listen to the pundits or watch the football players nearly fall out on your carpet! This was a big technological step for us and probably won't be another one like it for years. Then someone really will have to do it for us, or we'll be too old to see or care...

But no one should have that many books. The crazy woman living at my house? Well, I'm making her use my library card!

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Kaye Butler said...

Love the new Tv... what do you mean the VHS will be obsolete?

I'm impressed that you did all that work, without huffing and puffing at each other at leaste once!

We still have TONS of VHS movies. We still watch them.