Friday, January 02, 2009

"My 52 Marbles for 2008"

1/5 Studied SS lesson, bought groceries, talked to Sher, napped, read, walked Oscar; Amy Iuka

1/12 Memphis to Aunt Grace Thorne's funeral; afterward ate at Red Lobster; saw Amy

1/19 Stayed in all day; watched Apollo 13 on TV; bathed Oscar; talked to Sher, Steve

1/26 So cold! Inside most of day; made soup; walked Oscar

2/2 To Amy's, spent the night; ate at On the Border; got wooden knitting needles, paper at Hobby Lobby; gave Amy sewing machine tips

2/9 Oscar & I to cemetery, pretty, sunny about 55. Talked to Sher on beach at Mel's

2/16 Bought a Singer portable machine; saw Emmy; SS/Church; Pride & Prejudice on Sun night

2/23 Little Rock - Arkansas Garden Show (Linda & Richard)

3/1 "Angel" song on radio woke me up (one of the songs at Mama's service); walked Oscar twice; napped; talked to Sher; reading March; studied SS lesson (David & Jonathan)

3/8 Amy sick this week; I was sick this week; I had my 60th birthday

3/15 Cleaned out bathroom cabinets; grocery store; cooked pintos, mac/cheese, cornbread; watched "Open Range;" studied SS lesson

3/22 Iuka - stayed with Mama Nick; Sher also came; went to Pleasant Hill for Easter service; Mike's for dinner

3/29 Cleaned book shelves (am I always doing this??)

4/5 Walked O; gave him bath, trimmed face; groceries, napped; Paul grilled ribeyes; talked to Sher; wrote on blog; sunny/cool after very wet week

4/12 Shopped in Jboro @ Dillars & Ann Taylor Loft; Sam's. Ate at Chili's; Barnes & Noble

4/19 Made meat loaf; called Neall to take him one(but in Atlanta!); talked to Sher; SS/church Sunday; "My Boy Jack" on PBS Sun

4/26 Mfs - Trip's Nursery, Lowes, WM; got azaleas, 2 dogwoods, rose bushes; ate at Corky's; home, set out all plants; beautiful day!

5/3 Richard & Linda's wedding in Batesville; Miss Ruth (Daniels's) birthday; found my marble for this Sat at school while walking O: big pale blue cat's eye

5/10 Post Office, pantry cleaning

5/17 Dr. Bradshaw, sinuses

5/24 Sher at our house

5/31 Preston/Charisse shower; hit truck from back at signal light junction 1 and 64; no report

6/7 Made taco salads, napped

6/14 Pancake breakfast at Farm Fest

6/21 Watched "Atonement"

6/28 Sick - URI

7/5 Cleaned compuer station; clipped articles re Paul/city out of newspapers

7/12 Gave Oscar haircut; Paul planted daylilies from Ponders

7/19 To Amy's; On the Border; Mall, Bookstore, Ben & Jerry's for ice cream

7/26 Very hot! Stayed inside after 11:00; had tacos

8/2 Sick - sinus headache (had seen Dr. Sales day before)

8/9 Bathed/groomed Oscar; Aunt Ginny's birthday

8/16 Saw Mamma Mia with Jean, Carol, Charlene, Norma

8/23 Oscar a bath; went to Kerri Turner's shower at church

8/30 Gift card to Shelby for Lisa

9/6 Scanned Beth's pictures for her, finished this up

9/13 Iuka - 2 days vac Thurs/Fri; Martha, Charlotte, Sher, Bren, I at Bren's house. Great!

9/20 Rested a lot! (Sun: went to Marsha's grandmother's funeral in Tuscumbia, AL; back same day)

9/27 Oscar haircut; Walmart, grocery; talked to Sher; (Sun: Paul & Amy - Drag Races in Mfs)

10/4 Put pix back up in kitchen (had not put these back after Paul painted in the spring!). Beautiful day.

10/11 Got haircut, pedicure, eyebrows done; Met Salinda and family at Pancho's in West

10/18 SS class meeting; Hudson wedding (Paul officiated)

10/25 The week before we were on vacation in Gulf Shores; came home this day. Mama Nick was 90 on the 22nd; Paul was 62.

11/1 Paul to MS State; I went to WM, Hay's, gave O a bath.

11/8 Hairjazz, cut; WM shopped for Samaritan's Purse (child's Christmas box).

11/15 Walmart, grocery

11/22 To Starkville to ballgame with Paul; MS State beat AR 31-28; spent night at Sher's

11/29 To Amy's, ate at Young Avenue Deli; Mama's 80th birthday.

12/6 Mollie, Wesley Davis's open house

12/13 Girls at Jean's

12/20 Tara brought Emmy by and we exchanged gifts

12/27 To Amy's for the weekend/Christmas.

And that is 52 weeks - marked by 52 marbles and 52 (more or less) entries in the School Calendar. Some were full to brim, others were very ordinary, but all great gifts from God!

This is the school I went to in second grade (picture discovered in the "Marble Calendar" I wrote all these in last year), till Papa died. This is the huge school the little second grader attended, and walked to down the city streets of Memphis in 1956-57. Until I learned the route, Papa crossed the street with me and was waiting when I got to some big intersection that Union crossed, which was almost home by then since we lived on Claybrook, but there was that busy Union Avenue. Once when Goobie had mumps (she was 56!) I tried so hard to have them and convinced my teacher I was sick and walked home that day from school with what I thought was surely at least a sore throat. I was alone that day - Goobie was shocked when I appeared at home! (Now why would a teacher send a sick child out alone from school... It was the "old days," we didn't have a phone, I knew my way home, kids weren't randomly snatched off the street - or it wasn't heard of - and maybe she knew I wasn't really sick, but what could she do - risk the whole school's exposure to mumps?) I never did get the mumps.
(This is also where I fell in love with pencils - the "school store" had a two-color pencil - red on one end and blue on the other and they cost maybe 2 cents or a nickel. I don't think I have ever seen them since.)

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