Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First One Eye...

The lights were blinding! The visual tests, the dilation and further looking into the back recesses of my eyes - I could hardly keep my eyes open the lights were so bright! That's how sensitive my eyes have become to bright lights. Some of the letters looked like old English with embellishments here and there; some looked as if they had shadows; some I couldn't even see after I blinked - it was just - dark.

So the first cataract surgery is scheduled for February 4. It will take ten to thirty minutes, depending on if Dr. Stank "tweaks" the pump. Did you know your eyes have pumps? They pump fluid into the eyes. If you have too much fluid, pressure builds up and you probably will likely develop glaucoma. This is not something you feel happening - I noticed something wrong when there was a portion of my vision that was just dark - like a dark crescent-shaped sliver across the vision of my left eye. Once you've lost some of the sight, you can't get it back. But you can stop the progression. (So have your eyes checked for glaucoma - it doesn't hurt and takes less than 2 minutes!) He said I was "still young" to have this surgery, but if it was affecting my everyday activities, it was time. The night driving and the lights - headlights, sunlight, sudden reflections off of vehicles/windows/metal/water in the daytime even while wearing sunglasses - it isn't easy driving with your eyes closed... So, yes, it's time.

He also said that I may be able to stop using the drops I've used for 15 years! If the pumps are regulated and there's no fluid/pressure build-up, that would be wonderful! I may still have to wear glasses, but that's fine. And some people don't have to after their surgeries.

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Kaye Butler said...

Billy Kernodle had his eyes done by Dr. Stank...funny name...everything went smoothly. I don't think there will be any problems!!!!