Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Administration

I love my country and I am thankful that we can vote and democratically and peacefully elect our leaders. I watched the events leading up to the Vice-President and President taking their oaths of office and was amazed at the order, planning, and dignified manner in which the leadership changed in those moments. Red, white and blue always bring tears to my eyes. That huge crowd was peaceful. The day was sunny. The oaths were given in a historic and uniquely American setting - our nation's beautiful capitol. I'm proud to have been able to be in that very Mall in times past and to have just a hint of the enormity of the planning, precision and elegance with which this was all accomplished.

Although people's view on politics may vary widely, we have a new President and we should all be hopeful and prayerful for President Obama and our nation. We will see what the days, months and years ahead hold for us. I pray that it is peace, recovery, and return to our faith in ways we have not realized before.

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