Friday, January 23, 2009

January 82

After the festivities of the past weekend, Sher and I both developed fever blisters. We do this. It is our stress signal. I also knew I was in for other embellishments and variations on the cold sore: scratchy throat, sinus gunk, coughing. So here it's Friday (at last) and I could easily have stayed in bed all week. Last night I had a coughing fit that nearly brought the other side of my toenails to light. So I took cough remedies to bed with me: saline spray, cough drops (not fun trying to sleep with one lodged in the roof of my mouth), water. Propped the pillow up. Advil. Woke up around 4:00 hot and with a dry throat and finally went back to sleep. I did get my antibiotic filled yesterday, started on that - I always have to ward off the inevitable - I can't "get over" a cold - it always ends up as bronchitis if I don't take measures. And I don't want to postpone the cataract surgery.

This combination of meds makes my head hurt, but I'm not coughing - much. Hall's Lemon/Menthol cough drops soothe the throat and Safetussin cough medicine (baby dose) halts the coughing. Don't colds last generally about two weeks? One down, one to go. I should be over this by the time I start using the antibiotic eye drops prior to the eye surgery.

Other things going on at Our House:
I called Sher to help me figure out the DVR playback/pause/fast forward. Use a button called "List." (They left no instruction booklet or sheet. It's a do-it-yourself DVR evidently.)
Paul is going to check on an old truck at Golden, MS, tomorrow and also visit his mother in Iuka, which is close by. I would go if I didn't feel so rotten.
Amy is coming home sometime this weekend.
I have an appointment to get my hair cut. Overdue.
I will set the roast out to thaw and have that and all the good things that go with it for Amy when she comes home.
We've missed two Sundays of church and Sunday School and I got a "miss you" card yesterday from my class. Carlena and Alta are so good about sending those. I miss being there.
The rest of the time, I plan to sleep. Maybe I'll be well by Monday.
I'll be glad when winter's over.

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