Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All the Things He Does

I know I don't tell him often enough, but I don't know what I'd do without Paul doing errands for me in Wynne. I'd have to hire a personal assistant!

Vet visits
Groomer visits
Walk Oscar before dark. (Sometimes O just has to be walked!)
Unexpected trips to Amy's
Trips to church to take or pick up items
Battery for my watch
Pick up books at library
Bank (It's hard for me to hit that 7:30 opening and get to work in FC.)
Make me get up on cold mornings, or any other workday morning for that matter.
Start my vehicle so it'll be warm when I leave for work.
Washes as many loads of laundry than I do, or more.

All done with love, without complaint and with a willing spirit.

I know I am thoroughly spoiled. So the next 3 days, I have to adjust: Walk Oscar, get myself up in the mornings, do laundry. He'll be at the Municipal League convention in Little Rock.

I enjoy a little "alone" time, as I'm sure he does, and we appreciate and respect that in each other. I'm just glad it isn't any longer! I could get cranky!


Sher is planning to come visit this weekend and will stop by the office Friday afternoon. She'll stay until Monday - she has the holiday; we don't. But we'll have two whole days together and our doggie babies can get reaquainted. Oscar and Bailey get along well to be Only Dogs. We don't have any special plans - just Be Together.


Has been a busy, focused week at work. There were a lot of payroll changes I had to make for January - medical and life insurance (supplemental) rates changed, some changed their 125 Plan deductions... Most of these required calculations based on salary and age bracket. Glad it's once a year only. Other first of the year reports to do: wage and benefits for Alice; OSHA; W2 report to NRECA; retirement questionnaire for nondiscrimination (salary) testing. Need to contact Gary about CPR classes, start thinking about health fair, walking program. Okay - this is a herd of elephants and I know I can eat an elephant - just one bite at a time. I've eaten plenty.

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