Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let Us Not Take for Granted...

This morning I talked to Sher on the way to work and this was her annual physical day. She also happened to mention she woke early this morning (about 3 or 4 a.m.) with a hurting chest and right arm, sort of. It lasted about an hour and went away. She took a couple of aspirin. She believed it was indigestion. It probably was. I made her promise about four times that she'd mention to her doctor this episode and she said, "Okay, Mama." I realize - she is my baby sister and at times in our childhoods I have been like a Mama to her and our brothers. And I felt that way today. I felt like a Mama and I wanted her to be okay, not only for herself, but for me. I'm always concerned about my brothers and sister, being the oldest, and now being without Mama. We kind of ya-ya back and forth at times, good-naturedly, and I remind us of Aunt Arie and Goobie (sisters - our grandmother Flora and great-aunt Arie), with their fingers pointed in each other's faces (but laughing). Sher and I haven't quite got to that point yet, pointing. We do ask each other occasionally, "Is there no limit to how crazy we allow ourselves to become," quoting a favorite line from As Good as It Gets. She should have all her test results back soon. Her doctor was sure her deal this morning was indigestion, but told her to promptly see a doctor if it happened again.

I went back to work today. It rained and was like fog soup all day and supposed to freeze tonight. A sister co-op in the NE part of the state (Petit Jean) is completely down, I heard. Like we were about 6 or 7 years ago. The Bad Ice Storm. Was it 2000? Then it was longer than I thought. I remember thinking that Y2K didn't "get" us, but the Ice did. The linemen - who would want their jobs except them? They're a breed apart - they have to be dedicated - and are - to get out in this horrible, awful, no good weather to get power restored or keep it on. We have the greatest group of folks I know for their dedication and loyalty. The crews work hard, they provide for their families, they're all gentlemen.

Tara emailed me this morning that her great-aunt Ruby (Witt) died last night. She and "Uncle Warren" lived in Helena, then Forrest City, then Wynne for a long time when I knew them. I remember her visiting Miss Ruth at the nursing home and various family members would be there, and invariably Teri would be. Teri was so good and faithful to check on Ruby and help her, especially when she began showing signs of dimentia. There were not many days she didn't go by or call her especially when she lived in Wynne in the duplex near Teri's home. When Ruby moved from Forrest City, she had to downsize and I bought a small bookcase and a buffet from her. I still call it the "Ruby Buffet." Her son Gary eventually moved her to Memphis when she became unable to live alone. Tara has some neat pictures on her blog of her and her family as kids with Aunt Ruby and Ruby with Warren. He was a fine gentleman - truly a gentle man. Tara thought they were planning a private family graveside service in Helena. Well, Teri - another reunion...

Tell the people you work with you appreciate them. Tell your spouses and kids you love them. Tell your brothers and sisters. Give extra hugs to your pets. It lowers your blood pressure and raises your love capacity!

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