Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Only Snow

We had a little snow last night. We were fortunate - many areas of the state have had major ice storms and power outages. Woodruff has a crew at Newport and two on standby to go where needed. Lots of problems on our system at Cherry Valley, Village Creek east to Wittsburg. Beck's son, daughter-in-law and baby Max are on their way south to Forrest City (from Jonesboro) because they have no power. It still looks as though we could get some more. Traffic was slow this morning on the way to work, but no one skidded or slid. I'm always aware of Jack Taylor Hill being "the hill" when I start the incline, hoping I don't try to go to fast to get over it, then try to brake so I won't fly down the other side. Made it fine.
Oscar didn't protest going out in the back yard this morning as he does with rain. He didn't stay long, though.

Made with cell phone as I left the house... The rosy glow of the sky was pretty on the snow along the highway, but I didn't have time or courage to pull over to the shoulder.

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