Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bonus Music

Last night Paul discovered the new TV has about 50 music channels on it! There's no identification of the type, the song or artist, but they're there! When he did the scan for the channels at the set-up, evidently it "found" them then. These are not on the old TV as far as I can tell, but I didn't scan, just plugged it in.

On PBS last night there was a program called "From the Top at Carnegie Hall" where young teens and pre-teens played classical music - violin, cello, piano; and xylophone and drums - "Rhythm and Strings." They were awesome and one young girl in particular (Anna Lee) you could tell just loved what she did and had lots of fun doing it. These are kids attending Julliard - and they're 11, 12, 13, 16... Amazing. This appears to be scheduled to air again January 12. Worth watching.

Ice picture from Monday...

It was just about dark when I got home and most of this was gone the next day. Very pretty, but so glad it didn't last long.