Friday, December 19, 2008

Work Party

It was work for a lot of folks who did a great job getting it all together and a party with lots of friends, good food, and a few gag door prizes thrown in this year! (I won some vanilla candles but will give them to Amy - just can't handle the scented things.)

I stayed after work to go to the Civic Center at 6:00 when everyone would begin to arrive to make pictures with my trusty little Nikon Cookpix. Some of the pictures turned out fine, a lot did not. It's back to camera-comparison-shopping.
Was great to see many retirees and their spouses, new young employees and their wives and babies. Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter, my former boss and his wife, came by the office early from Booneville (just for this event!). They're both 85 years old and still able to make the trip. She does all the driving now and I think it's becoming more stressful. There were some firsts and some lasts and some in holding patterns. Wesley, Norma and Carolyn (in Accounting) all received service pins - 5, 20 and 40 respectively. In all the Christmas parties I've been to, I can't recall a standing ovation for anyone before this one - and Carolyn received one. It was a great sight and she deserved it.

Beck, Miss Mildred, me, Carolyn.

Tom Snider will be retiring soon and this may be his and JoAnn's last Christmas party with us because they're moving to Texarkana where Francie and her family live.

Some have beat serious illnesses this year and we're greatful they were able to be in good health and back with us. B M Watson and his wife were there and both doing well after his heart problems. She has battled cancer. B M worked for us years ago and now works for Arkansas Electric and we contract work with them. Our Mickey Hudson looked great and she was there with her husband and one of their sons. Alas, their picture didn't turn out good!
B M and Lillie with Mr. and Mrs. Santa.

Beck and Wally are still waiting for a call any second from Adam that Stephanie is in labor. The little boy is their first - they don't know his name yet - but probably something with Walter, and it is time for another Walter! Beck always does a great job getting the programs done, invitations sent out, name tags made (except she forgot to make mine and Paul's, but I'll forgive her and I wrote mine and Paul's out on extras provided).

The picture I asked someone to make of me and Paul was blurry. If I have to give specific instructions for shutter speeds or how long to hold down the picture-button-thingy to anyone else who holds the little darling, it's time. It's four years old and has made over 15,000 pictures. Or maybe I need those new glasses really soon.

Mollie and Wesley. I told Wesley once that he's our "work deacon" and he really is. Great couple.

Cindy, Carolyn and Norma had their own little party going on down the way... They got so tickled about I don't know what. Cindy has a great laugh and they got so hot from laughing they had to fan themselves with the programs! It really was the warmest I can remember that big room at the Civic Center has been.

Carolyn Hayes helped decorate the tables yesterday. This morning I got a good picture of her and Wesley who happened by the door as I was still yet trying to figure out some settings on little Coolpix.

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