Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

On a regular basis I read Pioneer Woman and Rosy Little Things, whose writers live in Oklahoma on a cattle ranch and in the Portland, Oregon, area, respectively. It's cold in those places, too. Pioneer Woman "Ree" gets up to help feed the wild mustangs. Alicia Paulson has a home-based business and gets to make photos of the snow and only imagine how cold it is outside. I'm lucky to get Oscar to go potty in the mornings - he immediately recognizes the shine of water on the patio, or sees his breath when I open the back door, or realizes how cold it is because I've let his hair grow unusually long.

I've had two heaters on in my office this week. The windows all around me let cold air seep in so I've set one heater on a filing cabinet, making sure there's nothing to catch fire, so it can dispel some of the cold. The other heater is near my feet.

It would never do for me to live on a cattle ranch. I could handle Alicia's job.

I looked at my messy desk this morning and here's what I saw. See the irony here?

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