Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visit from Emmy and Tara, Arrival of Walter Maxwell Rauth and Other Weekend Events

Emmy and her mom visited Saturday and I still had pjs on! (My day to sleep later, but they were not that early - I was just being lazy.) So I looked a wreck, but Emmy was the star and it was so great to see them! Of course, I had to kennel Oscar because he was nuts with someone else in the house, and particularly a little person. Too near his level. Look at her beautiful blond curls - well, both of them!

She was ready to read!

Emmy liked her little ballerina ornament she can put on her Little Girl Tree, and the Bible storybook.

They were on their way to other in-town visits then to Aunt Tee's (Tara S's) party.

In the afternoon Paul and I went to Walmart and I was so glad he was there to lift bags in and out and in and out of the cart and truck. I may take him every time. Don't tell him - he'll hide! He wanted Corky's BBQ for supper and WM has it in the frozen foods, and we found the Corky's BBQ sauce. So good, but no oldies playing - I should have put on a CD and could have had Corky's atmosphere!

Earlier, Carolyn called me to let me know that Beck and Wally's grandson had arrived early that morning (Saturday) at 2:20 - weighed 7 lb 15 oz and was 21 inches long. Stephanie and Adam were elated, naturally, and Beck later emailed a picture of him. Oh, okay, I'll put it here for all to see. I didn't want to get ahead of her but he's just too cute! and you can check out her blog (Beck's Family - link listed) for more soon I'm sure! She had already had his Christmas stocking embroidered with MAX and now it is ready for him!

I made the dish (simply creamed potatoes, but with 8 oz each of sour cream and cream cheese - not fattening at all!) for one of our SS class members who has been unable to come to church for some time. I also really, really cleaned out some books and straightened up in "my" room.

This morning it was only 22 degrees and I had several things to carry to church - the dish, pictures of last week's SS party, three of the books I thought someone in class might like to read. Stephanie taught again as Shelby's voice is still feeling the stress of laryngitis. (Brother Matt's voice is under some stress, too; he mentioned it this morning and it was only first service. It was a good sermon, too - Good News, Great Joy, For All People.) After SS, six of us met at Brenda's and took the food, cards and some gifts in to her and she was so appreciative and glad to see us. Alta rode with me and we had a good visit there and back to church. She lives in Hickory Ridge so I brought her back to church for her car. We really have a great class and I'm so thankful for every one of them.

I made soup for lunch and we have hunkered down this afternoon. Paul napped, then shelled more pecans. (Neighbor Joe has a huge pecan tree that we benefit from and Paul had picked up at least 5 gallons that had fallen into our yard.) O and I napped under the e-blanket. I took him for a very short walk later - as much as my sinuses could stand. He was good with it, too.

Ho! Ho! Ho! This fuzzy "bow" was on the cute froggy toe socks Emmy brought me! Oscar wasn't cooperating very well, but I managed to get this.

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