Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Wedding, An Auction, A Walk

Last night Paul performed a wedding ceremony for Ray Lawrence and Rose Bridges at New Hope Baptist Church. I remembered who Rose is when I saw her. She was a very pretty bride, and he a handsome groom. Paul looked very dignified and performed the ceremony beautifully. (He didn't tell the groom to kiss the bride, but said they didn't cover that in the rehearsal Thursday evening! He didn't want to say anything out of place to throw them off! But later they did "re-enact" and make pictures of that part of the ceremony.)

After the reception and while waiting for more pictures to be made and the license to be signed, Melissa Holland, one of the members there, asked to take Paul and my picture together. She did a great job and it's a nice little anniversary portrait for us - on the 23rd we will celebrate 40 years of marriage! I was glad it turned out so well, that it was in church, and that the cross was behind and over us.

This morning the four of us girls met at Jean's (our original Red Hat plans were postponed and it was just the four of us). We had a wonderful time remembering Teri, counting our blessings, thanking God for the year past and for our long-time friendships. Jean thought of having an auction and we took odds and ends from home to her house then took turns auctioning them! We pooled what the auction took in and found a good use for it for Christmas.

Early this morning I took Oscar to the vet to see about an itch that's been torturing him. Dr. Julie changed his flea medication (she saw one creepy critter, which is enough to cause agony!) and gave him an antihistimine injection. This is only the second time he's had such a problem. He hasn't been bothered all afternoon. I have pills on hand in case.

He and I took a walk around 4:30 when the clouds were skittering across the sky and some looked like plumes of smoke - gray and then turning to that orange sherbet color. It was very windy but I had earmuffs, coat, gloves and muffler. Oscar loves the cooler weather and his ears fly in the wind!

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