Monday, December 15, 2008


Yesterday afternoon at 4:00 our Sunday School class party was at Kimberly Crabtree's home. There were 19 of us there! Had a wonderful time - exchanged Christmas ornaments with the "Right, Left" story. At the end of the story, I had Kimberly's ornament and I think Debra had the one I took. (It was only one away from being Andrea's, which she liked at Cordial Cottage and I told her I had marked it for her!) Shelby looked wonderful in the jacket the class got for her, and she gave each of us a Cross in the Pocket. Sunday's class and the party seemed to draw us even closer together, especially around Shelby, whose daughter Lisa got a bad report last week from a PET scan. She will have to have more chemo and re-check in about 7 weeks...

I had left my prepared corn/rice casserole for Paul to put in the oven for his class party at Glenda and Randal's at 6:00. There were ten couples there and it was a beautiful party - there home should be in Southern Living if it has not already been! A very warm and inviting home. Everyone brought side dishes and desserts and there was easy-slice ham that was so tender it practically melted in our mouths. Paul and I really enjoyed it, and was so nice to visit with some folks we don't get to that often.

There were several Sunday School class parties last night, and no Sunday night services.

Melanie sent me a picture of Nate with Santa, via cell phone.

The only drawback to the whole day was that I had a terrible sinus headache and I guess tmj headache from holding the cell phone with my shoulder earlier in the afternoon, which I know not to do, but - there you are. I did it. It's much better today.

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