Sunday, December 21, 2008


The Christmas music at church was wonderful! Luke did a great job no longer than he had to plan and rehearse the choir and They Can Sing! Most were traditional Christmas hymns with others including a spiritual by Kathy Hitchcock. Brother Matt presented the plan of salvation and it still is awesome to hear every time. Think of God coming as a baby! Think of Jesus dying for the sins of the world and that includes you and me!

The children's choirs walked in down the aisles carrying small electric candles and joined the adult choir for part of the presentation. One little girl had long blond hair that reminded me so much of Melanie's.

The final song was "O, Holy Night" sung by Donna Smith and signed by Mary Helen Winkler. Mary Helen's hands sang as vividly and wonderfully as Donna's voice - it gave me chills!

I was surprised and glad the few pictures I took turned out as well as they did. (Museum setting, of all things!)

It was so cold - about 22! The wind had picked up again and I got to the truck thinking Paul had already gone out, but he hadn't. I didn't know I could move so fast getting back inside. When he came on, he went to get the truck and pulled under the canopy.

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