Saturday, December 06, 2008


A beautiful day here and a full one... Hairjazz for a trim. Trip to Wal-Mart. Seems to be a regular occurrence and I was going to try to avoid that today. I made soup for whenever we decided to eat. Did laundry and as I folded clothes, watched the last half of "The Shop Around the Corner" with James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. This is the story "You've Got Mail" is based on. Last night I also watched the last part of a movie with Judy Garland and Van Johnson (who at times sounded so much like Stewart) in "In the Good Old Summer Time," which is yet another version. All very good movies, Christmas-time themes.

This afternoon I drove to Caldwell, picked Carolyn up, and we went back to Colt to Mollie and Wesley Davis's open house. It was wonderful - they have a beautiful home and so many family members and friends there to celebrate. Gracious host and hostess. Kevin Turner taxied most of the visitors from Ted and Dorma's back up the hill and the driveway because of easier access and not much parking space for all the cars. There were quite a few parked in Ted and Dorma's yard! Very nice and thoughtful. Beautiful home so well planned and furnished, new, yet felt so comfortable.

Paul went to Earle and rode in their parade, which he had committed to earlier, and had a good time there. He started to take Oscar, but wanted to visit with the folks more and if he'd taken O, would have had to stay with/in the truck.

Oscar and I walked just at dusk - knee and ankle hurt some, but I tolerated it just to get out and walk - and he enjoyed getting out. As we were coming home, the whole southwestern sky was a beautiful pastel lavendar-blue-orange-sherbet color backlighting the Lee's house which had Christmas lights on. I got the camera and went back for pictures and succeeded to an extent, but it was nothing like when we first turned down the street on the way home. Will teach me to go off without my camera!

Oscar was a tired little puppy. This is Total Trust. O would be so embarrassed! Pardon the jammies. (Another pair of Mama's.)

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