Friday, December 05, 2008

Important Day

Full day yesterday. Left work to see ortho doctor in Memphis and he quickly diagnosed my knee pain as bursitis! Pressed here and there a little and I flinched and sucked in my breath a lot! "On your feet a lot during Thanksgiving?" "Yes." "We see this a lot this time of year. Probably 10 or 12 so far." Plus on my knees doing that drawer cleaning thing. The knee was duly x-rayed and he gave me a nice cortisone cocktail injection with a long needle, which thankfully was sort of blocked by that lidocaine (I think) in a can spray, including lidocaine in the injection. (That wore off about 12:30 this morning.) I got the new medicine but it "may make you spacey." Now did he have to tell me that! It is to be taken at night and it is the lowest dose. And I can't cut it in two this time because it's a capsule. So I will just be a big girl and take it - try it anyway. Maybe it will do some good for my itchy-twitchy legs - peripheral neuropathy. Just one more incentive to clean out from under the bed and the top of the closet and the garage closet - now while I can still sit on a stool and do it!

When I got home we went to the Fire Department chili supper, then Paul drove his Camaro to the parade and I went to a meeting at church. I asked him if he wanted me to ride with him, I felt a little guilty going off and doing something else. "Up to you, but there's no place to wait while everyone's lining up. You'd be out in the cold." 'Nuff said. I went to church. Woodruff's float won Grand Champion for the second year in a row! I don't have any pictures of Paul in his car, or the parade. I think the float is the same as last year's. He said there was a good turnout even though it was so cold. Of course, it's prettier with lights on and kids/adults riding on it.

Since it was the first Thursday our church women's ministry grief support group met and it was well-attended by about a dozen ladies. Claire was our speaker and afterward many of the women had questions or comments. It so helps to talk and it helps others answer questions they've had. It's a comfort to know God is there singing over us, sometimes in a quiet stillness. There were two main verses Claire chose: Psalm 30:5 and Zephaniah 3:17. The holiday seasons seem especially difficult for those who've lost loved ones and she encouraged us to "listen for our songs" for this Season and the season of our lives.

Our December calendar is filling up so fast and it's good to be with friends and just see people we (I, especially) don't get to see often since I don't work in Wynne. To my regret I have to ask Paul peoples' names - I know their faces - but if I don't see them except two or three times a year... Well, part of that is because I'm not in Wynne 5 days of the week, and part is my memory! And more frequently it is becoming my eyesight! Another "challenge!" So if I squint at you funny and don't know your name - just tell me who you are!

And Thursday, the 4th, was Amy's birthday - The Day. I called her while driving to Memphis thinking she might be off that day and we could meet for lunch, but she was working. As I drove to work today and after going inside, I thought, 35 years ago I was doing very important work - bringing a new life into the world. She was born at 8:59 A.M. Sometimes I've wondered if my labor was delayed through the night and it was just a good time to deliver a baby and they missed it by a minute - why not 9:00! Funny. But that was her time to arrive and she was the prettiest plump, dark-haired, sweetest baby! I can remember the first time I saw her and how I wanted to touch her toes and fingers and be sure, as all mothers do, that they were all accounted for. There is nothing like that wondrous look at your new baby for the very first time and just be amazed at this little life you carried for nine months and then she is there for you to see and she is a real baby. Those memories seem to have been made so soon, yet it has been 35 years. How did it go so fast? Maybe I'll post a baby picture of her this weekend. She was beautiful then and she's beautiful now. And always my baby.

It was also Bren's husband Jim's birthday on the 4th - I called and wished him a Happy Birthday, too!

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