Monday, December 22, 2008

"The Eagle Has Landed!"

A couple of weeks ago we mailed a care package to Kirk in East Asia, and today received an email that it arrived - and in time for Christmas cooking! His excitement over its contents - a relatively small box packed with hard-to-find items there - was a great Christmas gift back to us! The honey wasn't broken and it originated with bees near McCrory, which is near Pumpkin Bend, which has great honey from hives he knew about from the Owens Farm! So a God-thing - He blessed Kirk with just the right honey - unbeknownst to us - I had no idea when I chose it at the grocery - just that it was fairly local! One package of the #5 meat rub was damaged, but the other was intact. That had to take some kind of handling blow to rip that package open inside the box! I supposed when you consider how many miles it traveled, how many hands held it, how many weeks it took to arrive, it was in good shape! I'm just sorry I didn't think to place those packages inside Ziplocs! But other than that, everything seemed to be fine. I have to say he especially liked the visual card I made for him which carried the theme of the Lion and the Lamb. Again, an idea from our great God Who fits all things together for good for those who love Him. Just a small way of keeping touch, encouraging, and I can tell you, we have received it back just as much through Kirk. I told Kirk the blessings just boomeranged! Some can go; some can send; all can pray.

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Kaye Butler said...

What a great picture of Kirk! He looks good.